Its Ok Thursdays

It's been a while since I've sat down and said "Its Ok"

So that's exactly what I'm going to do today.

So Its Ok...

That we left a bag of garbage on our front step last night and some wild animal got into it, shredded it and left remains of bread, veggies and toilet paper all over my stoop.

That I have worn the same white tank underneath my shirt/sweater for the last 3 days.

That I've also slept in the previously mentioned tank.

That I'm getting angry every time I look down at my dark purple, chipped nails and I desperately want a manicure.

That I'm already dreading my 4:30 date at the gym this afternoon....don't worry Jack....I'll show up.(probably)

That my sorry excuse for a pony tail today makes it VERY obvious that I didn't wake up early enough to wash my hair.

That I'm slightly more excited for the premiere of Revenge this weekend than my birthday.

That I just placed an order online for my groceries because I know I'll be WAY too lazy to go to the grocery store and shop after the gym this afternoon.

That my eyebrows DESPERATELY need a wax....but I'm holding out until the weekend.

That I was on Expedia earlier...ALREADY trying to think of ideas for a 1 year anniversary trip for Mike and I....which won't be until June 2013

That I already started my Christmas shopping....I'm determined to be done by the first week of December this year.

That I also already designed my 2012 Christmas card.....don't judge me.

What's OK with YOU today??

Tune in the same time tomorrow for a more exciting post.....I promise you won't regret it!:)


  1. I'm rocking the not washed hair ponytail today and have rocked the previous wore tank top before.

    Totaly ok with me! ;)

  2. I've started my shopping already and actually already have a list made of what I'm getting everyone. I wish I had my cards designed already. You are on top of it.

  3. I'm totally guilty of recycling undershirts, too! No shame!

  4. I'm sporting a braid today so we are in the same boat!

  5. Animals in garbage is one of THE worst things ever to deal with, I feel your pain!!

    I'm definitely rocking a dirty ponytail AND a black cami I've worn under my shirts the past couple days too, haha!! :)

    I really hope to do lots of my shopping early this year too. I put it off ENTIRELY too long last year and it got really stressful-- takes some of the fun out of it for sure! Amazon will likely be my BFF in the next couple of months!!

  6. I thought I was the only one who did that with my tank tops! Some days I just think- 'It's just a cami- who will notice?' Lol Also- I used to have my groceries delivered when I lived in downtown Philly- Best. Thing. Ever.

  7. I started my Christmas shopping! I want to be done by Thanksgiving!

  8. bahaha I'm on day 3 of the same under-tank too (and I also sleep in it)-- no shame!!

    I also was up hacking my lungs out with this cold most the night so needless to say I didn't shower eiether. OH and I'm sitting in depositions today. Clients are sure to be impressed by me. haha

  9. I've totally done the tank top for a few days thing too. And with my favorite college shirt. It's worn in so perfectly. Ha.

    I'm always an early shopper too. Buuuuut I'll probably wait until the last minute for The Husband. He's always so hard to shop for!

    Found you from the linkup. Newest follower!

    Come by if you can.


  10. I think it's totally ok to be planning your trip now! Better way to find deals and find the perfect place for you!! :)

  11. Haha umm I think I wear the same undertank all week AND sleep in it and never think twice about it. If I shower every day then it'll never get dirty and smell right?

    Revenge over birthday? That's a close call. Now if only you could have Daniel Grayson FOR your birthday. Yum!

  12. Yep, I am guilty on the white tank item!

  13. Love that you're an early shopper - so am I! I have a great holiday shopping app on my iPhone that is a must-have for planning out gifts for people (you can even categorize the people you're buying for!) and budgeting. I love that you picked out your holiday card already. Where do you usually order from? I'm a shutterfly girl, but I think this year I might do it from erincondren.com. Her designs are super cute!

    I hope you visit my blog and check out my Fall giveaway! It ends soon!

  14. ugh animals do that to my trash all the time!

    Have a great day! Stop by nichollvincent.blogspot.com and say hello! :)

  15. its your bday soon?? happy early bday!! I AM soooo excited for revenge! It is such an amazing show - I have been traveling a lot so just catching up with your posts now :)

  16. Happy birthday Ms. Shannon! I hope you have a fabulous one! I cant wait for Revenge either!

  17. You must be a busy girl! Too busy considering that it's your BIRTHDAY this weekend! PS. I am totally getting ready for Christmas already ;)

  18. oh man I do the same white tank thing way tooo often hahahaha


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