I Love Long Weekends!!

Happy Tuesday, Friends!!

Who doesn't love a short work week?? 

I had an AMAZING long weekend that seemed to go by way too fast! If you follow me on Instagram you know where I spent my Labor Day....in good ol' Washington, DC (and Virginia!!)

Mike and I flew down Saturday morning to spend the weekend visiting my friend, Steph! 

Here are some photos from our quick weekend getaway....

Want to know what else happened this weekend? My sister Michele  got Mike and I addicted to the show Revenge!! Who else watches it? Mike and I have literally watched 7 episodes in 24 hours....it's THAT good! 

Here's how this morning went.....

5:45 am - my alarm goes off.....I snooze once then get in the shower.
6:00 am - I come back into our bedroom  and Mike is still in bed and its pitch black outside and raining
Me - "Let's call in sick, lay in bed all day and watch Revenge"
Mike -*laughs*
Me - "I'm dead serious"
Mike - *silence*
6:05 am - I put my makeup on and get ready to dry my hair
Mike - "Okay come get back into bed"
Me - "It's too late now!! I already put my face on.....why couldn't you have said something before? I'm so mad at you!!"

This is how into this show I am.....as I'm typing this I'm smiling thinking about how I can't wait to get into bed early tonight and watch 2 more episodes!! 

In other news....

Shannon Page Design is off and running!! I designed 3 blogs last week for 3 lovely ladies and I'm working on another right now! 

Who's next?? 
I'd love to beautify your blog or create one from scratch for you!!!

Shannon Page Design
Contact me:) 


  1. GUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUURL you were RIGHT in my backyard! Give me a holler next time you are in DC!

    YAY web design, good luck! xoxo

  2. I knew you guys would be hooked on Revenge ! I can't wait for the new season to start!

  3. It's always so hard to come back from a 3 day weekend! I love DC it's such a fun place to visit - glad you had a great trip!

  4. Oooh I miss living in DC so much! I'm right there with you on Revenge. SO GOOD. Just keep going, the last episode of the reason will blow. your. mind. ah I'm getting worked up just thinking about it! You definitely won't be sorry you got hooked!

  5. ah revenge is soooo good! I actually need to catch up on the last few episodes before it starts again! ps - I have gotten such great feedback from my blog design - I am SO happy with it! :)

  6. Great DC pictures! I love it there. Always so much fun! Sounds like a great weekend. :)


  7. You were in my neck of the woods - fun!! ...My hubby def called in this AM too!

  8. Isn't Revenge sooo good!!??? I'm so hooked and cannot wait for it to come back on, I'm considering re-watching some of the last episodes to refresh my memory! Looks like a fun weekend in DC

  9. Glad I wasn't the only one who almost called in sick...haha
    Although, from past experience....my work doesn't pay you your Holiday pay if you call in sick the day after....Lame!

  10. Oh my god I am so obsessed with Revenge too! I watched the entire season in three days. Literally that's all I did for the entire day for three days straight. IT IS SO GOOD. I can't wait for it to come back at the end of the month. In the mean time I will be searching for my very own Daniel Grayson.

  11. hey there! newest follower to your sweet blog! so happy to have stumbled... i am looking for a new blog design and i am obsessed with yours! i will be emailing you shortly :) cant wait to read more from ya!

  12. I'm addicted to Revenge! Such a great show with fabulous clothes too!

  13. I love DC! I've been once but, want to go back again soon since it's been so long! Looks like y'all went to some great places!!!

  14. Surprisingly I have never even heard of Revenge, but sounds like I need to get on it!!

    My husband leaves for work before me, but on days he doesn't work or goes in late it is sooo hard to not crawl back into bed and call in sick. hahah

    I'm kind of on a blog freeze. Busy with work and not really feeling it right now, but I'm thinking when I get back on board I'm might be interested in getting a blog design done. I will definitely contact you when I decide to do it!!


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