Fall and a Closet Organizing Tip!

Hi Friends and Happy Tuesday!!!

Are we all excited that it's officially FALL?
I'll cheers to that!

My decorations are officially out and the air is getting REAL chilly up in New England!
Every year when fall hits I head over to my favorite garden and nursery to check out all of the pumpkins, mums and gorgeous home decor for Halloween and Thanksgiving...

This weekend I also did LOTS of cleaning and organizing at home. 
One thing in particular I tackled was my closet!!!

Wanna know what I HATE?
When I line all of my boots up in a row in the closet and they flop over and look like crap.

So obviously I went to Pinterest for a solution and came up with a GREAT one!!

All you need are some of these babies....

Roll a manilla folder into a cone shape and stick it inside of your boot. 
The floppy part of your boot will stand straight up by itself!


Now you can see all of your pretty shoes as if they were on display at a department store:)

Enjoy your day, lovelies!


  1. What a great tip! I also hate it when that happens, and working at a school, I have access to lots of those folders! Woohoo! :)

  2. Ooooh, that's a great idea!!! We have a small closet too, so when things start falling/flopping over it gets chaotic FAST! I'll have to do that! We're in the process of cleaning/organizing all of our closets too... this weekend it was the 2 hall closets, next up is our master bedroom closet. Definitely going to be a chore, lol!

    PS- Just added you on IG and Twitter :) Yay!

  3. I love that idea- so simple! I'm going to have to raid the office supply closet! ;)

  4. Great idea, thanks so much for sharing.

    And love the decor!

    Yes, I'm offically on the fall bandwagon now :)

  5. that is genius! I'll be swiping a few folders from my office today:) loL!

  6. that is the best idea! i LOVE that! i so have to do this because i hate seeing my boots flopping all over the place! thank you!

  7. I have been thinking about this for so long! All I came up with was stealing the wooden boot forms in the shoe department. Obviously you are much smarter. I am so doing this! Thanks :)

  8. Great tip! I roll up a magazine... going to give this a try as well.

  9. I adore fall, and that manila envelope idea is fabulous!

  10. The manila folder is a GREAT idea!!! Doing that soon with my boots!!!

  11. OMG what a great idea with the manilla folders! I'm so doing that! Thanks girl.....

  12. I was looking for a solve all for my boots. This is perfect!

  13. wahh manilla folders.. such a great idea! being a teacher i always have some around! Lame i know

  14. I'll bet Fall is beautiful in New England! I've always wanted to spend Fall on the East Coast. Maybe one of these days!

  15. What a great idea for the boots!! Gotta love pinterest! :- )

    I am so happy it is finally Fall too. What is not to love about it, right?

  16. Wire coat hangers and that little white tube thing around the hanger work awesome too!lol

  17. I'm so happy it's fall! I stuff newspapers in my boots to keep them up right but folders are genius

  18. You are my favorite person right now!!!! I pulled out my boots and had this problem, so annoying. Folders are now on my list! Thanks!



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