DIY Wall Decor....Easy and Cheap!

Hi and Happy Wednesday!

I have another fun DIY post for you lovelies today:)

Do you ever find yourself looking for the perfect piece of art to hang on your wall that matches your decor?
I can't tell you how many times I've found pieces that I sort of like, but don't match my decor perfectly AND when I see the price I almost fall over.

A few years ago I paid $20 for a beach scene print that was an awkward size. 
When I brought it to a frame store to be framed they told me the custom frame would cost $450!!!!!!!!

$450?? I nearly passed out on the floor!!

Well today is our lucky day because I have a solution for you that EASY and CHEAP!

Head on down to your favorite craft store and pick up some scrapbook paper that matches your decor....

Next find a frame that you like!

I think you know where I'm going with this....

Put the paper inside of the frame and VOILA!
You have a decorative piece of artwork for your wall!

I chose a paper with pretty green leaves to match my bedroom decor and it turned out AWESOME!

Let me know if you try this out! I'd love to see pics:)
It's so simple and easy and makes for a nice decorative piece on your wall.

Can you see that I'm STILL trying to finish reading the 50 Shades Trilogy (on my nightstand above)

I'll get there one of these days.

If they cast Ryan Gosling as Christian I'll be first in line at the theaters....I better get reading just in case:)


  1. Such an adorable (and inexpensive!) idea! I love reading about people's DIYs :) Ahh, you have to finish the 50 Shades series!! I will be right there in line with you if they cast Ryan ;)

  2. I love this idea AND I need some art for my bedroom - I might try this :)

  3. Now that's an easy DIY I think I can handle! I finished 50 shades way too quick LOL

  4. So easy! cute Idea!
    PS- I'm on the last 50 shades book and I also feel like I have been reading them forever!

  5. That looks awesome!! Love that idea!!

  6. Love that Idea!!
    P.s. I am totally with you on the 50 shades train. I wanna finish but it's time consuming, and if they cast Ryan Gosling, Oh my gosh, my life would be complete!


  7. That's such a cute idea & so simple, too! (:

  8. $450 is so crazy! I actually did this last night with one of my pictures. However I had a picture that was to small for the frame so I put some really cute scrapbook paper behind the picture to fill in the background. Uber cute! :)

  9. love this! I did this same thing but actually took a couple different patterns, cut them into squares and then zipzag stitched them together and put them in a frame. They are really cute! I am still stuck on the second book of the series and have been for a couple months now..but my friend borrowed the first one and is about to catch up to me so I need to get the 2nd one finished so she can read it.

  10. So smart! I have so many frames that I don't know what to do with.. but now I do!
    Get to reading girl! You won't be able to stop. And they have to cast Ryan Gosling, he would play the character so well!

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  12. Haha. Ingenious! I like the way you think! I do agree. Some wall decors and artworks really are way overpriced and can actually have some simple solutions. This is very ingenious. I think using patterns would make for a very minimalist, yet artistic, decorative choice.
    Natalya Cade


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