A Bachelor Pad Rant and Remembering 9/11

So last night I was in bed and having a really hard time falling asleep...it was no mystery why....I was fuming over the finale of Bachelor Pad. 

I know I have an addiction to reality TV but last night reached an all time low when the results of this show were keeping me from getting my beauty sleep! I figured I better let out my steam here on the good ol' blog so this doesn't happen to me again tonight!

If you didn't watch last night's episode yet you should probably stop reading because there are lots of spoilers ahead....

The Bachelor Pad finale ended with the final 2 couples being Rachel & Nick and Sarah & Chris. 
It was no surprise why Sarah & Chris were there (even though I despised them throughout this whole season they played the game well).

Time out.....did anyone else think Sarah looked like a crazy praying mantis in those green pants from the Night Ranger challenge? I mean....what the hell WERE those? and WHAT were those dance moves??

Ed said it best when he described her as "a monkey getting electrocuted."

Moving on...

So all of the couples put their votes in and Rachel and Nick are the winners. 
No surprise.
The two of them head back stage to decide whether they are going to keep the money or share with their partner. 
In my mind I just automatically assumed they would both share the money. 

I mean....what kind of heartless dbag wouldn't share the money?

Is this juice head serious!!??
Does he really think that he would have even been in the finale if he didn't get partnered with Rachel?

The part that made me fume inside is the way he kept smiling and laughing and PRETENDING he was the smartest player in the game and this was his plan the whole time....to "fly under the radar."

I'm sorry.....you did not "fly under the radar" and there is no way you "planned" to have no one in the house like you or want to ally with you or be your partner. Stop acting like you're so smart and sneaky. You were a non factor the whole season that got lucky in the end.

If it's not bad enough that this guy is a juice head with no soul......he's also a COWARD!!!
Did you see how he ran out the back door of the set with his bag and wouldn't even confront Rachel??

I have no more words

And don't even get me started on this....

Or this....

I think Rachel said it best....


Before signing off the blog today, we should all take a moment and remember what happened 11 years ago on this day.

Do you remember where you were?
I do. I was a sophomore in high school and was walking from my locker to class when I caught a glimpse of the news on the TV in the main office. I stopped in my tracks along with about 20 other students we all watched in silence and disbelief and didn't know what to say or what to think.

Thank you to everyone who continues to fight for our freedom every day and we'll always remember the innocent Americans that lost their lives that infamous day.


  1. You have a cute blog! Just stopping by to say hello! Have a great day!

  2. I totally agree with the Bachelor Pad results- what?!?! I could not believe what a D-bag he is and a total coward, which is even more pathetic!!
    Never forget- can't believe it's been so long!

  3. love this girl and omg BP results--- seriously RIDICULOUS. I'm glad were on the same page ha. xo

  4. I totally agree with you on the BP3...I was shocked. and I think what ticked me off the most was how he acted. He handled the whole situation very wrong. He kept saying he made it there by himself...No he didn't. It is TEAM competitions, so regardless if he and rachel were only partners for last half and they were backed into the partnership, had she left he would have never been there. Ahh, I could go on and on. She should have chose keep as well and been selfish...so therefore had he screwed her she still would have ended up no $ like she did anyway! Especially from the way he acted before they went to make decision, that should have given it away that he thought he made it alone.

    and 9/11 I remember exactly where I was when it happened and will never forget those feelings or that day. Cannot believe it has been 11 years.

  5. HAHAHA! This is funny! I get that you & others feel that Nick shouldn't have gotten all of the money & if I were Rachel I would be ticked too. However, he did play the game on his own. No one wanted to partner with him or anything the entire game. How he got to the end by flying under the radar is beyond me but, it worked for him - this time. I think he's sort of validated in his feelings towards others who didn't help him along the way. I love that he took the money & ran! It's hilarious! If for nothing else, the shock factor. For TV purposes, it was hilariously genius & made for some good television!

  6. I don't watch BP but that sounds crazy.

    Remembering all those lost on 9/11.

  7. You took the words straight outta my mouth! Nick is a dbag and he treated the situation so poorly. I kind of wish Rachel had picked Keep so the other castmates got the money. That would have been funny. Tony's proposal was holy awkwardness and don't get me started on what an asshole Michael Stag is! Poor Rachel! Luckily she's gorgeous and will have no problem finding someone else!

  8. Umm yeah I think he played the game brilliantly by staying out of the drama an he did do that most on his own but they NEVER would har gotten those votes if it wasn't for Rachel. They all voted because they liked her not Nick. And them for him to have been so smug and cocky and horrible after winning. That just put me over the edge. I would have punched him

  9. I didn't watch it, but I read RealitySteve a while ago. I still can't believe it!! Such a jack-butt.

  10. I have been dying to read this post and I finally just caught up on my DVR'd shows. I have NO words for Nick - every week I forget he was there until I caught a glimpse of him in the background drinking a protein shake. Even though Chris was a jerk I have no doubt he would have shared the money with Sarah....Don't even get me started on Jamie's head piece...I paused my DVR a couple of times just to examine what was going on up there on her head...Blakey & Tony = did NOT see that proposal coming, but in a way I kind of like them together...it will never last, but it was fun to watch :) Poor Lindzi had to listen to Erica Rose call her man Kalon out too :( I liked Kalon this whole season (of Bachelor Pad NOT Bachelorette) & I thought they really had a chance, but apparently once a player.......always a player. I really enjoyed this post & hope Nick remembers that what goes around comes around.....he is doomed!

  11. i love your recap of bachelor pad...your pic of jamie cracks me up! i kept asking my hubby the other night, what is up with her??? hilarious.


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