The Perfect French Tip....At Home!

Ladies....I may have mastered the "perfect at-home french manicure."

Are you ready to hear more??

So I saw some pins on Pinterest that showed a rubber band as an aid for creating a straight line for your french tip and I thought.....

I wonder what I have in my home office that might do the trick EVEN BETTER?
(Those of you who follow me on Instagram already know what I found!)

I happened to have a whole package of fluorescent circular label stickers that would do just the trick! 

So here's what you'll need for supplies....

1.) So first you'll want to put a little round sticker on each nail and make sure you've left enough room for a decent sized tip!

2.) Paint the exposed part of the nail with two coats of white polish (I like Sinful Colors in White)

3.) When you've waited long enough for the white part to dry, carefully peel off your circle stickers. Use the "cuticle pushing stick thingy" (such a technical term I know!!) to lay flat any polish that might have risen up!

4.) Paint over each nail with your favorite light pink color (I like NYC polish in French)

5.) When your pink coat has dried....top it all off with your favorite clear top coat! I have always been and WILL always be loyal to NailTek thanks to my mom:) It makes my nails SO strong and shiny!


  1. What a smart idea, thanks for sharing!

    Your nails and RINGS look pretty!


  2. Love this! I need to try. Um and check out that bling.... Beautiful!!!

  3. Definitely gorge! But mine always chip within a day. :(

  4. Who knew you were so creative & clever?!


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