The Makings of a Mrs. Part 2....The Guys!

Soooo today is August 22nd and it got me thinking....I should share with you all why my blog's name is "Page: Twenty-Two" as part of today's post.  The Page part is easy....Page is my middle name! The 22 part you ask? I mentioned a while back that 22 is my family's lucky number but never explained why.

Well 22 just so happens to be an important day almost every month....

February 22nd - My sister Michele's birthday
June 22nd - My wedding anniversary
August 22nd - My Hubby's birthday (Happy Birthday my love!!!!)
September 22nd - My brother in law Scott's birthday
October 22nd - My BFF Jackie's birthday
November 22nd - My sister Brittney and her husband Scott's wedding anniversary
December 22nd - My Uncle Chris & My sweet niece and God daughter Maddy's birthdays!

So 22 shows up a lot....needless to say!

In honor of today being my Hubby's 27th birthday and the fact that we have been married for 2 months today....I am going to start the first part of my wedding recap for you all!!!

Are you excited?

What better recap to start with than the "Guys Getting Ready"? 

All photos are courtesy of the amazing Hinkley Photo!!


  1. I love the colors of the guys ties!

  2. Great photos! Love what the guys were wearing!!!

  3. Great post!
    And happy birthday to the hubby!!!

  4. Happy Happy birthday Mr. Hubby!!!! Love the guy pictures, they are so cute and manly!


  5. My favorite is the one of them all fully dressed in front of the house! They look calm, collected, and sophisticated. Great shot!

  6. I agree with Jordan I like the one in front of the house! The orange tie on your husband jumps out from the yellow ties. I like it!!!

  7. I like how there's a pic of Mike turning up the AC - it just shows incredibly hot it was that day!!!!

  8. Boy, don't they look fancy! I must say...your husband looked very handsome ;)

  9. today is my brother's birthday he is 22 on the 22nd!! happy birthday to your husband today. what present did you get him?

  10. I really like how the groom wore orange and everyone else wore yellow. Very different and unique from the traditional groom wears white/ivory


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