She Went Under the Knife....AGAIN!

I tricked ya with the title of this blog post huh?
Admit it....you were intrigued:)

Wellllll as most of you have probably noticed....the good 'ol blog had another major face lift. I know I know....the poor thing - she had barely recovered from the last one and I've already put her under the knife again!!


I love graphic design and actually do it as part of my job IRL! 

If any of you pretty ladies like what you see on my blog and are interested in giving your blog a makeover....contact me!!! I'll work with you to redesign your blog any way you'd like and will keep working until you're 100% satisfied!


Also....I'm pretty cheap;) 

Get your minds outta the gutter.....you know what I mean!!!
I'll give you a great price....especially if I like you:)

So send me an e-mail if you're interested or if you know a fellow blogger who might be! My waiting list is WIDE open right now and I'd love to take on another project!



  1. Aw, so cute. I will be contacting you I think - I need some help! :)

  2. YES YES YES. I def want your help I am in love with your new blog design - so jealous you can do all of that I am sooooooo bad at all of this stuff!

  3. Let me know your prices I'm definitely interested!

  4. You've got some skills girlfriend! I'll keep that in mind!

  5. Well look at you! This is so cute, I wish I knew how to do this ish. I really just wish I knew how to to tabs under my headliner. The ones Blogger does go all over to the left and make me carayzay!

  6. Your blog looks awesome!!! Great job ma'am! I will be contacting you soon!!!


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