Our Honeymoon Part 6: Kona!

I'm going to keep on trucking today and continue on with my honeymoon recap....are you excited?

Today we are heading to the OTHER side of the Big Island of Hawaii....
to KONA!

I think most of know that Kona is known for their delicious coffee but from what I saw they also had some beautiful beaches!! The funny thing about the Big Island is that Hilo (on one side of the island) gets a ton of rainfall (over 200 days per year) whereas Kona barely gets any!! Their climate was fantastic. When we got off the ship I looked around and saw exactly what I pictured Hawaii to be like....beautiful beaches, a fun downtown area, kids on their summer vacation surfing and paddle boarding everywhere....it was absolutely beautiful! We were in Kona on the 4th of July which was awesome too!! Something I'll always remember:)

Ready for the pics?

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Enjoy the weekend, my friends!! :)


  1. Looks so amazing!!!!

    Love your blue shirt, gorgie, where did you get it?!!?


  2. Love the shirt in the last pic, super cute!

  3. Gorgeous as always!! I want to steal your hair. My hair is nearly impossible to curl.

    Those drinks look soooo good!

  4. Such a beautiful couple! Congrats on your marriage! :)

  5. I am sooo jealous! I have never been to Hawaii. Ps girl, you are GORGEOUS!

  6. I LOVE that last pic of you two!!! :)

    p.s. PLEASE do a post where you do a tutorial on how you curl your hair!!!!!! :)


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