Our Honeymoon Part 3: Honolulu!

Get ready for part 3 of my amazing Honeymoon Recap!

Pack your bags, friends...because today we are heading to Honolulu!!

So sadly we didn't get a lot of time in Honolulu. We flew there from San Francisco and literally just drove through the city before we boarded our ship. Honolulu was incredible to see though. Just imagine lying on a beautiful beach and turning around and seeing enormous sky scrapers and office buildings - that is Honolulu. It's like a city thrown right in the middle of paradise. We got some amazing shots from the pier that although look beautiful...still don't do this place justice. When we arrived to our state room on the Pride of America, my brother in law and sister in law had ordered chocolate covered strawberries and a dozen long-stemmed red roses for us.....such a sweet surprise....literally:)

Ready for the photos? 



  1. It looks GORGEOUS! I haven't been (MG has) but I wanna go! I love your dress in the pics, too :)

  2. looks like a great time! i want to go there soon!

  3. wow, looks like such an amazing trip! and those strawberries...mmmmm. very sweet :)

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