How I Make That Money Honey Link Up!

Happy Wednesday Friends!!

Is anyone else PSYCHED that we have reached hump day?? I have some fun plans lined up for this weekend so I am ready for this work week to END! 

Speaking of work....I've decided to link up with your other favorite blonde, Miss Lindsey from The Bargain Blonde to show you all.....
"How I Make that Money, Honey!"

Let's start this post out by talking about where I learned my trade....
I went to college in good old New Hampshire (Live Free or Die!!) at Southern New Hampshire University! 
I graduated in 2008 with a B.S. in Advertising and a minor in Public Relations

The summer after graduation I heard the same thing over and over again from a lot of people.....
"Don't get a job right away....enjoy your last summer off and start looking for a job in the fall!"

Well this sounded like a fantastic idea, but the PERFECT job landed right in my lap in July 2008! I was called by a recruiter to work for a company that specialized in online advertising networks....and the client that I would be handling would be......

I thought I was dreaming!! I went on 2 interviews and ended up landing the job! I learned A LOT working in this position and had so much fun! I even ended up making a really great friend out of the deal:)
After almost 3 years in this job I knew it was time to try something else. 

I gave my notice and started work as an executive assistant/marketing assistant for a pharmaceutical company...which was pure torture.....I quit after 6 days and was officially unemployed!

Everything happens for a reason though....and if I hadn't quit my job at the pharma company I wouldn't be where I am right now! Currently I work as an Internet Media Specialist for a Property Management company. My company owns and manages apartment communities and corporate furnished suites in New England and the South East.

What I Do: Anything marketing or media related falls on my plate. On a normal day I can be found updating all of our social media content, creating marketing brochures, designing advertisements for local publications, assisting our property managers with all internet-related tasks, writing for our company blog and updating our company websites!

What I Wear: I have to say....I wish I could dress a bit more casually where I currently am. My last job allowed me to wear jeans and heels every day which was phenomenal......at my current job you might find me wearing the following....

Work It

Work It 2

Work It 2 by shannflann featuring pleated pants

All in all I like my job. I'm doing what I enjoy and my commute is LITERALLY 6 minutes. I am able to go home for lunch every day and I'm home by 5:10 every night. Couldn't ask for much more:)

Thanks to Lindsey for hosting this link up and helping me be nosy - I'm loving finding out what you all do every day!


  1. Mtv?! That's crazy! Glad you are happy where you are now and have that insane commute! I love the blouse in that first outfit! Have a fabulous day!

  2. My commute is the same way! I'm only 2 minutes from work and I love it!!!

  3. I would kill for your commute!
    I almost did this link up today too....then I remembered that I hated my job and didn't want to share! haha

  4. My commute is the same and I am so very thankful after a 12 hour day or night shift! Cool job!!!

  5. I'm in the PR/Media Relations field too and I feel like the communications world is full of those "paying your dues" kind of positions and it is so hard to find your niche! Glad you found your fit in your current position!

  6. I dream about the day I enjoy my job that much. :( Hopefully that will happen soon. Sounds like you have a very important job there!!!

    Short commute to work is a huge perk!

  7. Your job sounds pretty good! You said your company manages properties in the southeast - any in Knoxville, TN? just curious since that's where I am :)

  8. Yes, another marketing girl!!! glad you enjoy it so much!! and I am SO jealous of your commute!!!


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