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It was HARD waking up again today. We didn't get home from the Pats game until about 12:30 am and when that alarm started going off at 6:30 I almost started to cry....but Thank Gosh its Friday!!

First thing's first....I want to introduce you all to a fantastic new blog!! My big sis, Michele has started blogging after weeks of me bugging her....so everyone should take a minute and head on over to "Skinny Jeans & Coffee Beans" and give her blog a read:)

Now that you've found some new reading material....let's link up with the Bargain Blonde for Friday Favorites!!

I just LOVE Kenra products. The Nourishing Masque does unbelievable things for my hair. It smells fantastic and makes my hair SO soft. I wish I could buy this by the gallon.

So remember my camping trip from hell that I mentioned here? Well one good thing came out of it.....I was able to get reacquainted with Honey Maid graham crackers! I hadn't had these in YEARS! My grandfather always had a box of graham crackers in his cabinet and was always offering them to us:) I bought some to make s'mores on the aforementioned camping trip....and only ate 1....so now I can snack on these in the warmth of my home....instead of in a soggy tent!

Is "Fart-Be-Gone Underwear" real?? It can't be, right?? Oh man when I saw this on Pinterest the other day I LOL'd for a good 5 minutes. Supposedly this underwear comes with a "Flatulence Deodorizer Pad" for only $24.95! Ladies....it's never too early to start Christmas shopping for your man!!

Can't get enough of "Home" by Phillip Phillips. I'm not gonna lie....I have seriously fallen off the American Idol band wagon...about 4 years ago actually....but this song does it for me:)

If you REALLY knew me you would know that I am OBSESSED with this Egyptian Cotton Fabric and Room spray from Kohls. I have been using it since college and I buy it by the case....seriously. I use it on my clothes, my sheets, my couches, my curtains...you name it!!! I couldn't live without this stuff!

I've always loved the minty glosses by CO Bigelow. When I was recently shopping at Bath & Body works I came across this "2x Mentha Supreme" gloss and HAD to have it. It's amazing...tastes great and adds LOTS of shine to my smackers:)

Enjoy the weekend, lovelies:)


  1. I'm reaally liking the Philip Phillips' song too! I haven't watched Idol regularly for a few years now too...especially with all the judge changes...it's just not the same...

  2. WTF!! The Fart underwear. That's the funniest thing I've ever seen!

  3. It's always nice to see another New Englander and Pat's fan! So jealous you got to go to the game :)


  4. Heading over to check out your sis's page after this comment. :)

    That fart blocking underwear is hilarious. LOL

  5. Im usually not a fan of the Friday Favorites, but I felt like your post today was very helpful!! I'm considering trying the favorite product, scent & gloss. :) The favorite funny is too funny!! hahahahah

    I looove American Idol & Phillip :)

  6. Found you blog through a few others...sometimes I just can't stop clicking! Ha!

    I love the CO Bigelow lip glosses too!! The Lemon Lip Cream is my absolute FAVORITE!!

    1. I need to try the lemon cream!! That one looks awesome!

    2. It's my absolute fave and I never even realized it until a friend pointed it out but apparently I only use lemon lip stuff. I have the CO Bigelow, EOS Lemon balm, and Lemon Burt's Bees. Ha!

  7. I love love love Kenra products! I'm in need of a masque and I haven't used theirs yet so I might have to give it a try! :)


  8. LOL at the fart underwear. I'm sending that in an email to MG....too freaking funny! haha

  9. Thanks for the new blog shout out :) I will make sure to have a box of graham crackers for you tomorrow night so you can have some with your cocktails!

  10. LOVE the new blog re-design!!! Did you do it yourself? It looks amazing. I have been meaning to redesign for a while now, I just keep pushing it back haha! have a great weekend love! xoxo

  11. Obviously I am going to check out your sisters blog. Have a good weekend!

  12. I haven't tried the Kenra mask yet! I love hair products!!! OMG that underwear....

    Have a great weekend! xo Niki

  13. love graham crackers, delish!!! i want s'mores now haha


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