A Face Lift and a New Link Up!!

Hello and Happy Thursday!

Are we all excited that there is only one more "wake up" standing between us and the sweet smell of the weekend? I sure am:)


If you haven't already noticed I have given the ol' blog a face lift and I must say she is sparkling like never before! I've added some new images, updated my bio, changed the organization a bit, etc.

Check it out....

While making all of these fancy changes I've also updated my blog button.....
here she is....go ahead and grab her:)

Page: Twenty-Two

While I'm at it I wanted to introduce to you all an idea for a fun new link up idea that has been brewing in my head for the last month or so. I'm interested in hosting a monthly "bucket list" link up where we share all of the fun and exciting things on our bucket lists....a month later we will revisit the list, show everyone what we've been able to cross off (while posting pictures of course) and feel a wonderful sense of accomplishment:)

Sound fun to anyone else??

Well the link up is going to happen on Tuesday August 14th.....so get your posts ready!!!!

Here is a little preview of the button for this link up.....

I have lots of ideas already floating around in my head. Start writing yours down and let's cross off our bucket lists together!!

Now let's part ways this Thursday by sharing some "Its Ok's"

Its Ok Thursdays
So Its Ok...

That between the two of us, Mike and I hit the snooze button a total of 8 times this morning

That I yelled "why can't it be Friday??" twice...to myself....while hiding under the blankets

That I'm officially becoming a Starbucks snob....the Dunkin's Coconut Iced on my desk right now just isn't doing it for me

That I'm going to the Pats preseason game tonight....found my jersey on the basement floor....sprayed a little Febreeze on it....and considered it clean

That my legs were shaking walking up 4 flights of stairs in heels this morning due to my yoga class last night

That I would kill for a snuggie right now....why does the AC have to be on high constantly in this office?

That I'm slightly (ok more than slightly) ready for Fall in New England...I'm so sick of humidity

That Pinterest and I have reconnected recently and I'm in love with it all over again

What's OK with YOU today?? Link up with the ladies and tell us all!


  1. Have fun at the season opener tonight and have a beer for me! I do not want summer to end, but I am over this humidity! Fall is my favorite!

  2. The bucket list link sounds like fun! i'm going to try to do it!

    And, i've solved the cold in my office by bubble wrapping and duct taping up my vent! LOL though i do have a snuggie in case of emergency!

  3. I do the same thing with my jersey except for the fact that it's a GIANTS jersey and it still has the smell of a Superbowl Championship attached to it.

    SORRY, I just had to. But I can't wait for fall to come here either! I cannot breathe some days because of the damn humidity blanket covering the city.

  4. Looks great! love the sparkle!

    Hope you’re having a great Thursday, one day closer to Friday! Drop by nichollvincent.blogspot.com and say hello!

  5. The face lift looks good! I like that you added "hubby" over his picture :)
    Ya know I have NEVER came up with a bucket list ever?! Maybe I will have to link up with you next week.

    I'm also so cold at work, but I think a snuggie would make me fall asleep ASAP hahah I can't stop yawning today.

  6. Love the new look!

    xo, emily

  7. I'm in for the bucket list link up!
    Love your new design!
    I dont think ive ever washed my pats jersey! lol
    Have fun!

    1. Hahaha I love it, Kristen. If we wash our jerseys we'll wash the luck off right? I'm going with Lauren and Whitney! Should be fun:)

  8. Have fun @ the game tonight - I hope you can find something good to do with your hair in this humidity! Nice new page :)

  9. Love the facelift!! and what a fun linkup idea! Can't wait to join :)

  10. Love the facelift! I am so jealous that you are going to the game. Yell for me please? I think your link up sounds great! Have a good weekend!


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