Wishing and Hoping on Wednesday

So have you all seen these "wish jars" or "bucket list jars" that have been floating around blogger and Pinterest?

Hubby and I created one of these about 18 months ago using an old Tostitos Con Queso jar (wow just typing those words is making my mouth water) and I think I need to spend some time snazzing ours up....because it looks REAL ghetto compared to the beautiful examples above!

Basically all it is (at least all ours is) is a jar where you put little wishes on pieces of paper. We use ours to "wish" for things we want to do or accomplish and then at the end of every month we sit in bed, dump out the jar and rip up the wishes we can cross off our bucket list! It might sound lame to some of you....but we have fun with it!

Anyway....so our jar is getting pretty low. We've been ripping up paper for over 18 months and we need some new wishes! One of the wishes we had left in our jar was one of Mike's....it said.... 

"ride in a private jet."

When he wrote this I thought he was being freaking ridiculous and I was mad at him because I knew we'd never get to rip up that piece of paper! 
Well friends.....as we speak hubby is on a business trip....cruising down south in his company's private jet. Insert foot in mouth now:)

Here are some of my ideas for what I'm going to add to our jar this weekend! 

Feel free to share yours with me:)
Happy Wednesday!


  1. Love this idea! So much fun :) So glad you had a great wedding & honeymoon by the way!

  2. such a cute idea...and so fun that you actually do most of them!

  3. I love these jar ideas! So cute! I might do one for my 2013 goals. One of mine for 2012 was running my first 5k and I'm going to check that off my list in October, so excited!
    Since you want to be a wedding planner and you just got married, feel free to counsel me with planning my wedding1 :) Some days I feel like I could use all the help in the world.

  4. LOVE this, definitely going to start one with the Boyf

  5. I absolutely LOVE this idea. I think I'm going to tell MG about it. Sounds like a great way to challenge each other to do something "new" and keep things interesting. Go you for doing it, even in your ghetto Tostitos can! :)

  6. Such a fun idea!! I think all those news wishes sound great too :)

  7. This is a great idea! Zach is an ambitious person so whenever we move in together or get married I may start this in hopes of crossing things off of both of our bucket list.

  8. Those ideas are awesome blossom! I want tomake one too! :)


  9. Kev and I should create a wish jar huh?! That is such a good idea. Are you doing your wishes as things to do together, individuals, or both? Just curious :)

  10. this is such a cute idea!!!! the only thing is that i'll probably spend more decorating the jar than i will save in the jar ;)

  11. Very cute idea! Why oh why did you have to talk about queso....my weakness, now I want some!


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