The Makings of a Mrs. Part 1....The Wedding Rehearsal

I'm finally ready to share some wedding/honeymoon photos with you all:)

Are you excited?

Well get ready for photo overload in the next couple of weeks. I think I'm going to take this slow....show you the photos from all these wonderful life events in chunks.

What's on tap for today?.....

Our Wedding Rehearsal

Let me set the scene for you all. 
Our wedding rehearsal took place the Thursday before our big day and it was by far the hottest day New Hampshire has seen in the last 50 years (this is not a true fact but could very well be true if you ask me). It was about 98 degrees and with the humidity felt like 107. We were all literally MELTING as we rehearsed the ceremony outdoors. 
Luckily the rehearsal was quick! After about 30 minutes we all jumped in our cars and headed to Z Food & Drink in Manchester for our rehearsal dinner with the bridal party. It was delicious! Mike and I handed out the special gifts we bought for our family and friends.

What did the guys get?

What did the girls get?

After the dinner at Z we met up with all of the out of town guests and family members at an upstairs lounge/bar for appetizers, desserts and lots and lots of cocktails:)

The whole night was fantastic and we had so much fun!!!

Are you ready for some pictures?

Dad & I 

Can you see us sweating??
How handsome is my groom??:)

Mom & Dad:)

My sissys and I:)

My amazing bridesmaids surprised me with this adorable tank top too....I wore it for our little "after party" at the hotel. It said "Last Night Before I'm Mrs. Rooks" 

Until the next post, friends:)
Happy Monday!


  1. Love all the pictures, your dress is gorgeous and you look fabulous!

    Sounds like the perfect DAY before a wedding!


  2. You look gorgeous! Looks like everyone had a great time. Fun gifts for the bridal party!!

  3. love your dress! you look amazing! and what an adorable tank top from the girls :)

  4. Love the pictures, and your dress is KILLER! Love it!!! :)

  5. love love love all the pictures! and that dress is uhmazing.

  6. You look stunning! Absolutely stunning.

    Blame the heat on me... I told you I would send you some Arizona sun... I forgot to tell you it comes with Arizona heat.

  7. soo cute! love your dress!

  8. your dress is adorable hun and wow tiffany necklaces for your bridesmaids! how sweet of you :) xo

  9. Your dress is adorable and I love the tank that they got you! Too cute!

  10. Your dress needs to make its way over to my closet, pronto! Love it!!

    And can I just say y'all are the cutest couple?? Looking forward to more pics this week :)

  11. Love the pics! I am sure they will just keep getting better :)

  12. Geeeez its about time I thought you were never going to share! haha totally kidding I am sure you have been busy. You look beautiful and happy. You two make a great couple!

  13. i LOVE the red dress you wore! so cute!! and what fabulous gifts you guys gave your brides/groomsmen. The rehersal dinner looked fab! cant wait for more pictures! xo Kelly

  14. dang you gave amazing gifts!


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