Post Wedding Blues and Its Ok Thursdays

So a lot of people have been asking me....

"are you sad that the wedding is over?"
"isn't it tough going back to work after having so much time off?"
"are you going to be sad that the attention isn't on you anymore?"

Apparently there is something called "post-wedding blues" that a lot of brides suffer from. If you have this disease please stay far away from me because I don't want to catch it.

The answers to these questions are simple....no, no and no.

I really thought that I would be devastated when my wedding was over and I had to go back to "real life" but I guess the fact that I'm not sad means I made the right choice when I chose the man I married. I have heard horror stories before about girls who get engaged and get "caught up in the moment" and love the idea of planning a wedding, but when it's all over they don't love the idea of being married. 

I love it. 

M and I have so much fun together and now the only difference is that I have his last name and he's wearing some bling on his left ring finger.

Don't get me wrong....when I woke up this morning to the loud sound of my neighbor's diesel engine and walked downstairs to see 2 piles of cat puke on my kitchen floor I felt differently.....I wanted to go back in time to last Thursday....where I was in a bikini in Kauai kayaking through waterfalls.....instead of 15 minutes late for rotting in a cubicle all day - but this is real life people!

It's been a while and it feels appropriate to link up for "Its Ok Thursdays" today.....

Its Ok Thursdays

So Its Ok...

That I cheered a little inside when I saw my cat puked on the tile floor instead of the carpet this morning (easy clean up)

That I knew I would be working 3 days this week....so I washed 1 pair of work pants

That it feels weird to not be spending every waking moment with M after being away with him for over 2 weeks

That the thought of writing thank you notes for wedding gifts makes me want to cry (not that I'm not thankful...I'm just sooo tired after work)

That I just got an e-mail from my BFF about drinks tomorrow night...and I'm already counting the hours

That oatmeal for breakfast isn't really measuring up to the omelet bar and french toast from the cruise ship

That I haven't stepped foot in my gym in almost 2 months

That I peeled all of my gel manicure off and broke all of my nails yesterday

That I don't foresee my suitcase getting unpacked for at least a month

That M & I are back on a wine binge....2 bottles in 2 days....not including the bottle of Moet we busted open at midnight Tuesday night

That I've been back to work for 2 days and it already feels like an eternity

That I'm feeling a change coming on....not sure what it will be but I'm excited to find out!

What's OK with you today?


  1. It's ok that I'm totally new to the blogging community so it doesn't look as snazzy as everyone I follow. Baby steps! :)

  2. YAYAYAY glad the blues are away. Seriously can't wait to see all the pictures, stalker much?!?!

    Enjoy the wine :)! xoxo

  3. Who asked you if you were going to be sad that the attention wasn't on you?!...people are so rude and clueless!
    Welcome home! Hope you guys had an awesome time! and Congrats Mrs. Rooks!!
    = )

  4. YAY!!! I am so glad your back!!!
    You (of course) looked absolutely stunning as a bride!!!!
    Bring on picture overload!!! It's OK. :)

  5. Good for you on not having the blues! I didn't have them either!!! I loved planning our wedding but I was SOOOOO glad when it was all done with!!! I am loving all of your OKs today!!! I can relate to so many hehe!

  6. I LOVE this post, and everything in it (minus the cat puke haha). I'm so glad that you're happy and nothing has changed. It shouldnt! So glad you're happy :)

  7. I actually don't think I unpacked our suitcases after our wedding for a month either!! hahah, glad you are happy!

  8. So happy that you aren't having that back to the real world blues. Of course it probably stinks being back at work, but there is probably something so beautiful about being back in a normal routine with your now husband! Congratulations! :)

  9. love this part of thursdays! makes me feel better about the ok's that go on in my life! :) thanks for sharing & congrats on your wedding!

    xoxo, new follower :)

  10. I just discovered your blog and I love it!
    I'm your newest follower - hope you can check mine out as well xo


  11. Can't wait to see your pics!! Interested in this "change" you are talking about too!! (a honeymoon baby perhaps?!) haha


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