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Hello you lovely Page: Twenty-Two Readers! 

I am so excited to be guest posting for Shannon while her and Michael are enjoying the sunshine of Hawaii (umm is anyone else insanely jealous…. yah me too☺) Let me introduce myself—I am Dani, a twenty something girl living the good life in the wonderful state of Nebraska! I blog about my life, school, planning a wedding, and many of the other random things my life entails over at Welcome to the Good Life. Come over and say hi, I’d love to meet you!

When Shannon asked me to guest post I jumped at the chance to share what I have learned the last 14 months of planning a wedding to any of you that may be just getting started or halfway through the process. My fiancé Kane has been wonderful throughout the whole thing!

Yep, isn’t he handsome?!? This was one of our first photos together!
We meet our freshmen year of college in Biology class. We dated for almost three years before he proposed, and I can honestly say it was one of the most exciting days of my life (thus far!)

Right after we got engaged!
We both agreed early on that we wanted our wedding to be a celebration of  our family and friends, rather than focusing on all the outrageous shenanigans that seem to be taking over the wedding business. 
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            I think I am most excited about our ‘mini-moon’ afterwards! Kane is going to be starting his second year of law school 9 days after we get married, so we didn’t want to spend a lot of time traveling to be somewhere for only a couple days. We decided to drive to Estes Park and stay here and just relax and enjoy being married!
 Source: Estes Park  via pinterest
So what have I learned so far about planning a wedding?
Well let me tell you (in bullet points of course, that’s how I roll):
  •     Enjoy being engaged! People are not kidding when they say your wedding is here before you know it! Enjoy this stage in your relationship—you’re only ‘engaged’ once!
  •   Don’t stress the small stuff! Who cares if all your flowers are not the same shade of purple or if  you can’t find a menu to suit everyone’s taste. In the end, family and friends are there for one reason—to see you! Oh ya….and celebrate this major milestone J
  •      Take time for the two of you! I’m not going to lie, planning a wedding can be overwhelming at times. But don’t let that come in-between you and your fiancé. Plan a date night (watch a movie, cook supper, go for a walk) at least once a week.
  •   Have fun! This day is about you and your fiancé. Don’t try to be a people pleaser and do what you want. In the end it is your opinion that matters most and you don’t want to spend the whole day regretting your decisions.

If there is one thing you take away from my advice let it be this…You’re wedding day is important (no doubt!) however, it is only one day and don’t forget to focus on the rest of you’re lives together.

Shannon and Michael—I can’t wait to see photos from your big day! I have no doubt it was absolutely beautiful and perfect.   Enjoy your time being newlyweds, I hope that feeling never fades J

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