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Hey Page Twenty-Two-ers!!  I'm Katie and I blog over at The Little Things In Life. Shannon is off enjoying some relaxation time on her honeymoon with her hubby (1..2..3 awww)  So today I will be sharing the details of my wedding day.

It really was the best day of my life  My husband (Andy) & I both said we would do that all over again if we could.  We had a blast!
Andy & I got married October 8, 2011.

Let's get to it...
The morning started off relaxing just hanging out with my fave girls in comfy clothes enjoying some donuts at my mom's house.
Yes, donuts.
The morning of my wedding.
Typical morning of your wedding food, right?!
We sat around enjoying ourselves waiting to have our makeup done then it would be off to get our hair done.  It got a bit stressful when I quit chit chatting and realized what time it was and the makeup lady was no where in sight and hadn't called.  This isn't prom ok lady I am getting married today!!  Don't make me become a Bridezilla!

So after the makeup lady was 45 minutes late and getting our hair done took a bit longer than expected the girls ended up at the church just a tad later than the priest had wanted.  No worries I sent my girls in to search for the groom to make sure he wasn't there.

Thankfully he and the groomsmen had too much fun the night before (whole 'nother story) and were also running a bit late.  I made it into the church with my half tied up dress and no one seeing me.  Straight to the cry room I went to hide out until it was time.

My sister (also Maid of Honor) and my friend that introduced Andy & I finished lacing up my dress

I'm not one for attention all on me so I was quite nervous that morning.  Pre-wedding there aren't many photos of me smiling.  Too much going through my head.
A little family loving to help calm the nerves??  Sure let's give it a shot.

our wedding day wouldn't have been what it was without these two.  My mom and sister (MOH) were amazing throughout the planning process.  No way I could have done it without them.  
Love them both!!

a real smile!
Our so patient and helpful flower girl, Laney (Andy's niece/goddaughter)

Time to get a walkin
I was lucky enough to have 2 amazing men walk me down the isle.
My dad (on the right) and my step-dad (on the left) whom has been in my life since I was 4..

the hand off

Our first walk as Mr. & Mrs. Thomas :)

Our flower girl & ring bearer.
don't those eyes and those smiles melt your heart?!
I love these two more than they will ever know.

Our nephew/ring bearer my favorite little boy :)

No more stress.  The hard part is over let's get to the park for the fun photos!

me and my girls

Mr. & Mrs.

our wedding party!


my groom!

his bride!

group shot!!

We had a candy buffet (huge hit)

this post is getting a bit long so we will end with a kiss.

Hope you enjoyed looking through my wedding with me!

Shannon, we can't wait to see pictures from your wedding.  I bet you looked stunning!!!


  1. What an adorable couple!!!! The wedding photos are amazing!!!! Thanks for sharing :)

  2. You are so cute!! I'm coming to follow you NOW! :)


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