Friday Favorites

Who is excited that it's FRIDAY??


Even though this was my first "full week" back to work since I got married, it somehow FLEW by! I've spent the week cleaning the condo, writing lots of thank you notes, unpacking my suitcases and hanging out with family and friends:) It's been fantastic!

Now it's time to link up with your other favorite blonde....Miss Lindsey from the Bargain Blonde!

Here are my Friday Favorites this week....

It's no secret that I LOVE me some reality TV but this week my favorite is Dance Moms. Abby Lee Miller never fails to disappoint me or entertain me. I've loved catching up with her on my DVR this week - such a guilty pleasure!

Took a nice little trip to Target Wednesday night and picked up this bad boy! Sinful Colors in "24/7"
It doesn't get much brighter than this, friends....and I can't wait to paint my toes in this neon hue!
I can't remember how much I spent on this from Target...but I know Walgreen's sells this brand for only $1.99 - get some for yourself as a treat this weekend:)

I have been slapping this stuff on my skin every morning since arriving home from Hawaii and I must say...it is doing it's job! Jergens Natural Glow Firming lotion is fantastic - it doesn't smell bad, it makes my skin feel tighter and after using it for a few days it really does give you a nice glowing color!

In our house....as soon as the calendar hits May 1st we are pretty much at the local ice cream stand 2x per week. I know....it's disgusting. But these little frosty treats manage to suck me in every time!! Monday night I decided I was going to be good....hubby wanted ice cream and so we drove down to the stand. He said "what do you want?" and I said "nothing - I'll wait in the car.
Well didn't he come back with an extra cone for me - and it was frosty and delicious:)

Who doesn't love Melissa Gorga? Seriously? She is just fantastic! She's gorgeous, fun and I just love how she and her husband are together. Let's be honest....this is reality TV and it's probably all fake, but they've roped me in and made me love them.....well played Bravo....well played!

I can't get enough of this red and turquoise trend, yet I have never worn it together! I am desperately trying to find myself some turquoise beads because I have a red dress that wants to be worn soon and it wants to be worn with a turquoise necklace!! So send me some links if you know where I can get one:)

What are YOUR Friday Favorites??


  1. I love Melissa Gorga too....she's awesome and I wanna be her friend hehe. Also loving the coral/teal combo and your hot pink nail polish! Rock it girl!!

  2. Melissa Gorga is amazing! I used to be a big Teresa fan, but definitely not anymore! I love Sinful colors too, every single time I go to Walgreens I have to buy one. I mean they're only like $1.50! I got one yesterday actually!

  3. I do think that MG is very fake, but I realize that most of them are. Plus editing can do some not-so-lovely things to even the nicest person. I will give her this…her fashion is phenomenal!

  4. happy friday love!!! I know we have discussed this b4 but dance moms and rhonj are my 2 faves as well! I LOVE melissa too! I think her and joe are so cute together!!

  5. That color is perfect & now I am going to have to find it!!

  6. 1. LOVE Melissa-- I don't know how she puts up with Teresa. 2. I'm obsessed with that nail polish. like OBSESSED. I don't think they have sinful colors around here... at least I've never seen them... hmm. I'm on a hunt now. Have a great weekend lovely!

    xoxo, Emily

  7. I love Dance Moms! One of my favorites!

    That polish looks amazing! I love Sinful Colors! I need that polish to rock for the remainder of this summer! Also, I need to check out the lotion.

    Happy Friday! :)

  8. Hey girl - found you through the link-up. I love Dance Moms, I actually haven't seen it in quite a while! Also, love Sinful Nail Polish, so cheap and you can own every single color! New Follower :)

  9. I love the turquoise too! I used to buy singul colors when they went on sale but a bunch were too runny for me. Have a great sunday! I am your newest follower! I cannot wait to read more of your posts and hope that maybe you can return the favor and follow The Preppy Student. I always comment for every comment left on my page and hope to start a friendly relationship with your wonderful blog!


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