A Letter to Myself....20 Years Ago

Do you ever think back to the way your life was like when you were a kid and compare it to how your life is now? 

Well I've been thinking about that a lot lately and so I wrote this letter to myself.....

I think you're going to like what I have to say....your life is going to turn out great so no need to fear:) I have a few words of advice though so listen to them wisely....

You think your family is great now? Just wait until you see how much better it gets with age. Mom & Dad will continue to set a great example for you and sissys and you will all strive to have a marriage as great as theirs.

Be nicer to your sisters. When you get older you're going to become more like best friends....and they will constantly remind you how evil you were as a child....and you will laugh because you know deep down you still have a little bit of that evilness still inside you:)

Milk your summer vacations for ALL THEY ARE WORTH! Enjoy swimming in the pool with Michele, Brittney and Mom and playing badminton in the backyard. Someday you will get a full time job and you'll be stuck behind a desk all summer long.

You know those trips you take to Vermont with the whole family every fall? Don't worry.....20 years from now you will still be taking those trips....only your husband, brother in laws, nephew and niece will also be able to come along....making it EVEN MORE FUN!

In first grade you are going to think its a good idea to catch a bunch of crickets and keep them in an empty milk carton then put them in your desk. Don't do this.....during class your desk will start chirping and the teacher will embarrass you and make you go outside and set them free.

You know those girls that are your best friends right now? Faye and Jackie? Keep making memories with them because guess what? They're still going to be by your side when you are an adult....and you guys are gonna LOVE reminiscing about old times together. They'll even be standing next to you on your wedding day. Oh yea....and you're going to meet several other special ladies along the way that will make your life even better.

Your friend Jackie is going to suggest that you guys play street hockey with metal baseball bats when you're about 9 years old....don't do it.....the game will end up getting messy and you will somehow manage to hit her in the face and knock out her front teeth.....and she will show the whole class her "gap" for show-and-tell.

Stop playing in the sewer....it's gross.....and so are frogs.....and if you don't stop soon, your sister is going to mention this disgusting pastime you are so fond of during her toast at your wedding.

While we're at it, don't bother with the tomboy phase either....it's not a good look for you and you are DEFINITELY going to grow out of it and be mortified when you look at old photos.

All those boys that made you mad or sad in middle school and early high school? Don't worry about them....when you're in 8th grade playing in a local basketball tournament keep a closer eye on the boys game....because your future husband will be playing right next to you and you guys will be high school sweethearts:)

Remember that time you thought you should play the cello? Don't....just don't. This instrument is bigger than you are and Mom will have to drive you to school every day because it won't fit on the bus.

While we're at it....skip the flute too......you are terrible at it.

Stick with Irish Step Dancing a little longer than you want to....it's great for your legs and you were really, really good at it.

When it comes time to pick a career for yourself....think about it a little harder. Do you want to spend every day of your life indoors behind a computer? Probably not.....

If you end up ignoring this letter and being the evil little rebel I know you are that's just fine:) Because your life turns out amazing anyway and you're going to wonder every day how you got so lucky:)


  1. hahaha I love this letter...so funny! Especially the part about the frogs and sewers being mentioned at your wedding toast lol.

    Great idea girl!

  2. What a great idea. You are too cute missy!


  3. Adorable! You know what's funny, I'm listening to my Country station on Spotify, and Brad Paisley's "Letter to Me" is playing. Crazy!

  4. I looove this!!! It even made me tear up just thinking about what I would say to my own younger self!!! :)

  5. I like the instruments part..."Don't...just don't" hahhah too funny!

    Gorgeous pictures!!


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