Should I Be This Calm??

I am 8 days away from my wedding day and I'm only feeling one thing....


Is this normal? 
Shouldn't I be some crazy Bridezilla who is running around like a psycho and telling people what to do?

Shouldn't I be working out like crazy to get in "wedding shape?" Quite the contrary actually.....I haven't worked out in over a week and last night M & I went out for pizza and wine after we had a meeting with our Reverend. My dress fits and I love it.....that's all that matters, right?

 I still have quite a few things left on my checklist AND I have a busy weekend this weekend with another wedding to attend AND Father's Day......but I'm still calm.

I guess this is a good sign....I'd rather be calm than stressed and crazy I guess...... and I still have 8 whole days to have my first real Bridezilla moment (I like to keep you all on your toes)

In other news.....all of your kind wishes and prayers seem to be working!! I woke up today and this is the new forecast for my wedding day.....

I know I know....this is going to change 10 more times before the big day actually gets here. But for today....this is putting a smile on my face so shush!!!

Before I finish today's post I want to say a big CONGRATULATIONS to my friends Kate and Scott:) 

These love birds got engaged last Friday and M & I couldn't be happier for them!!! You will see these 2 faces a lot more once I start posting wedding photos on the blog in a couple weeks...Kate is one of my bridesmaids and Scott is one of M's groomsmen! 

Love is in the air people.....take a big whiff:)


  1. Yay for the weather!!! We'll keep thinking about you love!

  2. Yay for sunshine! :)
    And I was oddly calm as well. The bridezilla behavior (and it wasn't even that bad)happened the night before during the ceremony rehearsal. Well okay it was around for most of that day. I think as you plan your wedding so much thought goes into it that it almost doesn't feel real. Then it's the day before and it hits you hehe. Enjoy the calm while you can :D

  3. 8 days! so exciting! savor and soak up this time!!!

  4. Yay! 8 days to go! That's so exciting! Enjoy the last week of being a single lady!

  5. eeeks girl how awesome its coming up so quick! its GOOD to be calm :) believe me you and i are both calm so close to the big day! xoxoo

  6. haha well, better than a stage 5 meltdown! I hope to be calm. The one thing I USUALLY stress out about in party planning is "timing" (food, putting things out, arrival, etc.) but thankfully most of that is taken care of by someone else!

    Keeping my fingers crossed for the weather for you! Our entire thing is indoors or under a covered patio, but I know I'll still be a nut about weather. I just don't want to worry about logistics of umbrellas, dropping off at the door, photos, etc. AND it's in October. So the thought that it could be 45 degrees for our outdoor cocktail hour already gives me anxiety. BAH. haha

  7. YAY for being calm. You will be awesome on your wedding day, I know it!

    can't wait to see pictures!!!

    YAY nice weather!

  8. it might be the calm before the storm, but at the same time, if things are settled then why be stressed?? Can't wait to see your dress!

  9. I was pretty calm the week before my wedding also. I got a tad bit Bridezilla the night before at rehearsal when the wedding party and the priest were not meshing well. Now is the time when you can relax. Most of the planning is done just small stuff now. In a couple days it will be all nerves so enjoy the calm right now :)

    YaY for sun!!

  10. I am going to send all the sunshine here in Phoenix your way!!!!
    8 DAYS!!!

  11. OMG 8 days??!!??! well im glad youre calm now bc the day of I am pretty sure you will be frantic! so excited!!! cannot wait for pictures!


  12. calm is good! cant wait til im only 8 days away!

  13. You should be grateful you're calm, because it means you're making the right decision! When I got married I was by no means a Bridezilla or stressed out, and it made the experience so much more enjoyable. Congrats on your upcoming nuptials!


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