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    Hi Page: Twenty-Two readers!  I'm Lauren from Lemon Trees and Bumble Bees.  I'm so excited to be here subbing in for the lovely Shannon who, as we all know, is away getting hitched up and then getting all nice and tanned while honeymooning in Hawaii. We can all be jealous of that together.  Anyway, while she's away, I want to take the chance to tell you all about my wedding!  My husband and I got married last August the 27th and it was such a great day (you can read all about it here).  I've only been married for 8 months so I can't give you too much in the way of tried and true marriage advice at this point. Maybe check back in a few years?  In the meantime, I do think I can give some wedding advice since I've been there, done that sort of deal.  They may not be the most ground breaking pieces of advice you've ever heard, but these were the top five things I tried to keep in mind on my big day. Shannon, this is for you lady! :)

1. Have Some Fun!
    See not novel by any means but so necessary!  There is so much hype around weddings that I've heard of many a bride getting post-wedding blues. The big day flies by like you wouldn't believe. You wake up, you get ready, it's donezo.  I think part of this is caused by the fact that us brides are stressin' so much about all the things that "might" go wrong that we're focused on all the wrong things.  I know that come the reception I was so worried about speeches, dances, getting around and saying hello to everyone, and cutting the cake that I was starting to think I'd never have a chance to cut loose.  So at one point I made the decision to stop fussing about everyone else, hit that dance floor and enjoy myself with all those people I wanted to see in the first place!  The music and the dance were a really important part of the day for my husband and I because we wanted to hang out with our friends and celebrate that we were married! So celebrate we did.

2. Be Unique. Or Not.
     Basically - be yourself!  Trust me, a wedding will bring out the advice-giver in everyone. You will get advice til the cows come home. Some of it good. Some of it bad. Some of it down right annoying.  When it came time to some of the details of our wedding, I got a lot of questioning looks about how we wanted to do things. I didn't want to wear a black dress or have a heavy metal band play as I walked down the aisle.  I just wanted to have a few things that reflected us.  Hand-drawn programs, pictures of our cat (yeah I'm one of those) as table numbers, a headpiece instead of a veil, a groom's cake (not big in Canada), a guitar played as I entered the ceremony, and my husband and his boys wear converse instead of dress shoes. Nothing radical right? But I still had a lot of people suggesting I do things their way.  I could have but then the wedding would have been about them and not about us. That's the most important part. Make sure the wedding reflects you and your new husband. You don't want to look back and wish you had done things your way after all.

3. Put Aside A Moment To Soak It All In
    This is somewhat similar to number one but it's one I think is really important to make sure your day doesn't turn into a complete blur.  You need to have a minute to stop and realize what's going on. Girl you just got married! That's huge. You have a room full of people there to celebrate with you. That's amazing!  Now stop and take it in. Otherwise, the day will be gone before you know it.  At one point my husband and I went with the photographer outside for a couple of night shots. It was just the three of us and it was one of my favourite parts of the night.  It was quiet, we were alone and we were able to take just a moment to recognize everything that was going on.

 4. Don't Sweat The Small Stuff
     Regardless of what that wedding album suggests, wedding days aren't perfect.  Little things, maybe big things will go wrong. We had quite a few. We had a bridal party member drop out as late as 2 weeks before the wedding. On the day, part of our cake got dented. My dress got dirty during photos. The DJ sucked.  A wedding guest drove me up the wall. People drank too much. And on and on and on. If I had let it all get to me, it would have ruined my day. Instead I moved on and remembered that at the end of the day, none of that mattered.  I know it's hard to let that stuff slide, especially on a day you've spent so much time perfecting.  But did it really matter that the DJ sucked? Nah. We had fun anyway.

5. Remember What The Day Is Really About
     I know that the wedding itself is super exciting. I loved planning it and the day itself was even better. But the day is about more than throwing a killer party and looking super hot in your dress. Although let's be realistic here, those things are important.  The whole reason you're walking down that aisle in the first place is because you want to be married and often this fact is kind of overlooked.  At the end of the day, it's the days after the wedding that are most important.  Things don't magically become perfect when he slides that ring on your finger. The problems and petty fights you had before will most likely still be there. But you'll be married and that's an amazing feeling. One I wouldn't trade for anything. Being able to say "my husband" is pretty darn cool if you ask me.

      Anyway ladies (and gents!) that's all I've got!  My wedding day was one I'll always remember and looking back, it was as perfect as it could have possibly been.  And now I've got myself one awesome husband and we're looking forward to the days ahead of us. Thanks for letting me share with you today and I hope you'll stop by and visit me soon!
     Shannon, I hope you're having an amazing time lady! I'm sure you're going to look stunning and I'm sure we'll all be waiting anxiously to stalk those photos as soon as you post them. Good luck with everything my dear!  I wish you all the best. xoxo


  1. ughhhh.. the "advice." I just got engaged 2 months ago and had always kind of scoffed at people who had relatives or parents or friends give advice and how much angst it caused.

    That was until my mild mannered, calm father, turned into a fricking dad-zilla. I'm not even trying to do anything radical(omg, if I suggested chucks, he'd literally die).. but we wanted to offer to the guys an option to wear all black suits, vs. spending $200 on a tux they can't keep. My dad- LOST IT. and it wasn't even a "I don't think that's a good idea".. it was "NO. NO NO NO NO you CAN'T do that!" When I told him I may do black but "pick your own dress style" for the bridesmaids, he also scoffed and repeated his mantra. NO NO NO, they HAVE to match. Um, what? He keeps saying "you don't want it to look cheap. IT's going to look cheap".. um, have you been to my house? Does my house look cheap? NO, so why do you think I'd style a cheap wedding? Don't even get me started on the guest list. He wants to invite people that he wouldn't even invite to a backyard barbeque he hosted yesterday. SO WHY would they come to OUR wedding?! I think he thinks it's a "catch all" event. Um, no. If they're not close enough to warrant an invite to a cook out, they're not coming to the wedding. I have made a conscious decision to stop telling him these details. He can show up and deal with it.

    end rant.

  2. Ive been married 8 months and I have to agree big time on the advice of when it comes time for the reception just have fun. We all (brides) spent soo much time planning and perfecting that one day you should be able to dance and dance and dance!!! I hear of so many people saying they barely got to enjoy their reception. I was on the dance floor all night long. I had AMAZING bridesmaids and if anything did go wrong I knew nothing about it all day long. It was the most perfect, happy day of my life!


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