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Hi everyone! My name is Cait and I blog over at Fit, Fierce and Fabulous. While my blog mostly discusses my crazy schedule of nannying, searching for a career job in Library and Information Science field (aka a children's librarian) I'm also planning my own wedding which will be here in a few weeks (count that 3 weeks!) Woahhh!
Zach, my fiance and I have been together for almost 5 year. We met at a small college in Iowa during my sophomore year and his junior year. Instantly we became great friends which later turned into a more intimate relationship ( I asked HIM out!). We knew in a few months that we wanted to get married but we decided to wait until after college. I realized that I wanted to go to graduate school and we put our wedding plans on hold for 2 years while I came back to the Chicago land area and Zach stayed in Iowa because he had a full time job. 

On June 14th, 2011 Zach and I were down in Jamaica for his sister's wedding and he proposed! It was one of the greatest moments of my entire life. Feel free to click here to read the story!

Shannon asked me to discuss a little bit about my wedding. While I've been with my fiance Zach for almost 5 years, we both realized we wanted something elegant, classic and a pop of blue. Here are some examples of what we've incorporated into our big day!

adding a few books to tables since obviously my passion is reading 
I love anything demask so we have demask linens for our guests to sit at :)
Everything about this picture screams my wedding!
Almost ;)

Of course I'll be sharing all the wonderful pictures from our wedding in a few short weeks so please feel free to take a look around at my blog and wait until the pictures are up! As excited as I am for my own wedding, I'm so happy and honored to help out Shannon while she's lounging on her honeymoon!

My wish for you and your hubby is to always kiss one another goodnight, laugh as much as possible and tell one another you love them as often as you can! Happy Wedding Shannon! 

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