Fun Photo Fridays!

Happy Friday, lovelies!

I have been slacking with my blogging lately....big time! I haven't been writing much and I haven't been reading much - I know....I suck! I have just been so busy and my brain has felt so fried!

Anyway, I'm back for today and it's Friday....the best work day of the week!!!

Things I'm Looking Forward to this Weekend...
Writing out my place cards for the wedding
Having a meeting with my wedding coordinator
Having a meeting with the florist
Having a meeting at the bakery
Watching the Celtics beat the Heat in Game 7
Relaxing with my man after what has been an EXHAUSTING week

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Today I am jumping back into this photo...

Summer of 2009....
My BFF used to rent a studio apartment in the north end of Boston right above a very popular restaurant! In the summer we would drive into town to visit her, order pizzas, drink lots of sangria, sit on her roof and just laugh our heads of. Her location was also perfect for people-watching! Towards the end of the evening if you were lucky you could see some pretty entertaining drunkos walking up and down the street. The only downfall? Sitting on her roof, above a very delicious restaurant made us all very hungry - the smell of garlic bread would attach itself to my hair and clothes for about 2 days after my visit!


  1. You look gorgeous in that picture, but i would expect NOTHING less! That hang out sounds fabulous, so fun!

    EEEEK SO CLOSE! Good luck with all the wedding stuff, I am so excited for you, you have no idea!


  2. Girl you need to stop that apologizing! You're getting married really soon!!! Obviously your time is being well spent on more important things :) hehehe! xoxo!

  3. happy friday lovely!!! I hope you have a relaxing weekend, its almost your big day!!! :)

  4. Pretty picture! Nothing better than pizza,sangria, and hanging with friends!
    Hope you get to relax this weekend!

  5. Game 7 - BRING IT! Take the heat DOWN.... and OUT!
    Whoo hoo, go celts!

  6. Just stumbled across your blog! When is your big day?? Happy Friday!

  7. Sangria on a roof while people watching. I need some of that right about now. Happy Friday and happy wedding planning!

  8. how are you doing your escort cardS?

  9. Love the fun photo!! Isn't it crazy how your weekends turn into busy planning days instead of relaxing days??


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