Airbrush Tanning and Fun Photo Fridays!

Who is excited for the weekend??


I am counting down the hours until I can escape from my desk, walk out the front door and begin BACHELORETTE WEEKEND!!!!!!!!!!!!

In other news....I had my first airbrush tan last night.....I can't decide how I feel about it. In some light I think it looks fantastic and in other light I think it looks a little fake (I guess since it is fake it will probably look  a little fake, right?) 

Well anyway....here is my question for you all....when you go airbrush tanning - do you go completely naked?? Because I was under the impression that this place would offer "disposable tanning underwear" and they didn't....and I didn't wear any to the salon.....so I think you know what I'm getting at. Is it normal that I did this or is this airbrush lady now telling all of her friends that she had some wacko naked girl at her salon last night?? Please tell me its not the latter of the two!

While we kill time until it's the weekend.......

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Today I am jumping back into this photo...

This is me and my girls up in Maine in 2010. Our friend John has a party at his family's beach house every summer where we all hang out, catch up and play lots of competitive drinking games. Seems like a good photo to jump back into in preparation of this weekend:)


  1. I've never done airbrush tans (or spray tans either), but have been thinking about doing it more and more. I have no answer for your question, but even if she DID think you're crazy...meh....who cares? At least you're tan "everywhere"! hahaa. Have a fab weekend, chica!

  2. Ex-pageant girl here telling you that naked it is! They are used to seeing it and prob in much worse shape!

  3. I think alot of people go naked. I wear undies but go topless. No biggie girlfriend....I'm sure they've seen way worse!

  4. Ah! I hope you have a wonderful time girlie!!! Def share pictures :) I have never gotten a custom spray tan only in the booths where I go naked bc no one else is seeing but I am sure these ladies have seen everything I think it just depends on the person!
    Have an amazing bachelorette weekend! :)

  5. WOOOHOO! WOOHOO! WOOHOO! bachey bachey bachey weekend!

    So excited for you! can't wait to hear about everything!


  6. I'm pretty sure it's normal to go naked. I never have but I just assumed people did that? Have so much fun this weekend and make sure to take lots of pictures for all of us!

  7. Can't wait to see pics of the weekend!! Have so much fun!!
    I usually go spray tanning in the booths...never gone in front of a person!
    That is so funny though!

  8. I've only done the booths...and, yeah, definitely in the bday suit :)

    have an amazing weekend!!

  9. I LOVE airbrush tanning, although I'm a bigger fan of Versa/Mystic booths. =)

    Happy weekend, love!!!

    Keep Shining,


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