New Fitness Schedule!

Happy Tuesday, Friends!

Since wedding day/honeymoon time is right around the corner (we're talking 38 days people) I thought I would share with you how I've edited my workout routine for the last 40 days until the big day!!!

As many of you know I was doing the 6-Week Kettleworx program a few months back and loved it! After the 6 weeks was over I have to admit that I slacked off a bit and needed to put a new workout plan in place. It was pretty common to see me eating ice cream and drinking wine on week nights instead of working out!
I made this  new schedule which seems to be working out great....

I have to admit that last night after dinner I was thinking I would rather have my foot run over my a MAC truck then do my butt & hips dvd but after it was over and done with I was proud of myself:)

Now where can I fit in some more cardio?? Hmmmm....that's my next challenge.....Any ideas?


  1. good for your girl! i bet you will look fab for your wedding!

    question- where did you get those kettlebell dvds? does it come with the kettlebell? did you like it?! i am always on the lookout for new workout videos ;)

  2. this is amazing! i wish i could follow schedules i put out for myself ;)

  3. Ahh Someone just recommended this program to me today after reading my post!! Do you really like it?! What differences have you seen?!?! xoxo!

    1. I love it!! The workouts are only 20 minutes but you are working so many muscles at once! It's such a great workout and I noticed differences after the first week!

  4. Good job, girl!
    I am having trouble getting on the motivation train lately (still). I need to get my butt back into gear, literally...my butt haha


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