Beauty Tips and Tricks for Friday!

I'm ditching my own link up today.

Why? You ask?

Because I make the rules around here!

Instead I'm going to share some beauty tips & tricks with you....not that I am anyone who is necessarily an expert on this topic....but in any case.....here we go!

1. The Perfect Foundation Cocktail!
I know many of you have already heard about the bootleg primer phenomenon that is Monistat chaffing gel....but I'm going to share with you a process that I use that will give your skin a nice, smooth, dewy base.....

On the back of your hand, mix equal amounts of your everyday lotion (I use Cetaphil), the Monistat chaffing gel (yes this is perfect as a primer and I am telling you to put it on your face) and your foundation (I use Glominerals Satin II ). Use a foundation brush to apply to your face making sure to blend evenly....VOILA! You have a nice, soft base that is moisturized and smooth!

2. Soft, Dewy Skin!!

This one is easy....you don't need to spend a lot of money and you don't need to get several products....you only need one......

When I get out of the shower, I rub Johnson's baby oil on my arms and legs....okay let's be honest, I put it everywhere! It makes my skin soft, smooth and it smells fresh! It's a good idea to add a top layer of SPF too if you are going to be outdoors!! We need to protect ourselves from the big, bad sun:)

3. Soft, Silky Hair!!

I tend to become very loyal to products....especially hair products. I have been using this duo since I was in 12th grade and I am still obsessed....

When I get out of the shower, I brush my hair and rub Bed Head Ego Boost Split End Mender from the roots to the ends....then I wrap my hair back up in my towel to get a lot of the moisture out. After I dry and style my hair, I always finish off my look with Bed Head Headrush Shine Adrenaline.....it smells FANTASTIC and makes my hair smooth and silky! 

Do you have any beauty tips you can share with me?? I LOVE learning new ones!!

Happy Friday, All! :)


  1. I put in a antifrizz serum and heat protection spray in my hair as soon as I take my hair towel off. I might grab the headrush shine, I love shiny hair!

    I use lotion or Coconut oil for soft silky and yummy smelling skin!

    thanks for sharing! xoxo

  2. HAHA! the monistat totally caught me off guard. interesting that works on your face though!

    my new beauty secret is orofluido oil. its argan oil and i use it on my hair right after the shower. it makes me hair insanely silky and smooth- which is impressive since my hair is thick, unruly and v frizzy!

    have a great weekend XO!

  3. I might have to try the split end stuff--maybe it will help with these stupid baby hairs I keep getting....nothing like having some alphalpha looking hair sticking straight up on your head. Super sexy....not haha

  4. I did your link up today anyways! lol....chaffing gel, i've never heard of that for your face...interesting!
    Dr. Oz had me giving myself a Pepto Bismol facial one time! haha worked pretty well!

  5. Oh what some good ideas. Althought the Monistat one threw me off.. but I'm game to try!!!

    The things us women do for beauty!

  6. Ive never heard of using monistat as a primer!!! May just have to try that!!! Thanks for the tips!!! xoxo!

  7. I have never found a end mender that I like. I havent tried the Bed Head line though. I might have to give that a try!

    Good post!!

  8. Monistat as a primer... Is this an evil joke? :) I may have to try it out!!

  9. I have heard of this Monistat business before.. I think from All in My Twenties. What I want to know is who came up with that?! Like why did someone try it on their face and find out it worked haha. Great tips girl!

  10. I used to use ego boost! Love it! Going to try it again. You are going to really have to talk me into putting monistat on my face. Sending the husband to the store today for shopping maybe I will have him pick me up some haha

  11. I have never heard about the Monistat gel trick... Not sure if I'm going to give it a try though ;)


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