44 Days & Oh How Pinteresting Wednesdays!

44 days people.....FORTY-FOUR FREAKING DAYS!!!

I am so excited I can't even stand it!

The stress is finally starting to subside and in it's place is pure excitement!!

Last night M and I were talking over cocktails at one of our favorite restaurants....

....we were saying that we can't wait until the moment when we have gotten to the airport.....checked our bags.....gone through security and can finally sit down, exhale and begin our honeymoon to California and Hawaii! What an amazing feeling that is going to be!!! There is so much going on right now with wedding planning that a vacation is going to be necessary!

In other news I finally started working on one of my DIY wedding crafts.....
About 45 irritated groans, some profanity and several ripped pieces of paper later I came up with these.....

Monogrammed Wedding Straws for Cocktail Hour:)

What do you guys think?? I created our wedding logo and have been stamping it on EVERYTHING! I love when things are all matchy-matchy and I've turned this wedding reception into a brand - that's what you get for working in the graphic design field I guess!

We also hung up our new sign that my sister, Brittney gave me as a bridal shower gift!

A little premature....I know, but I couldn't resist hanging it 44 days early:) Looks cute, right??

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  1. ahhh 44 days how exciting shannon :) its going to be beautiful!! cant wait to see all the pics from the big day and i love the diy projects! xo

  2. 44 days?! that is absolutely not too early to start hanging your family signs. so exciting.

  3. EEEK! 44 days ShanShan that is so exciting! I adore the straws, what a cute keepsake, so fun and sooooo unique!

    That sign is super fantastic too!

    Want that black dress! xoxo

  4. So exciting!! Love the sign, it's super cute :) Also love that top black dress!!


  5. YAYYYYY almost wedding day! It's gonna fly by!
    Love the wedding "brand" haha, super cute...and the sign!!

  6. Ooooo your wedding is getting so close :) So exciting! Love the sign too! Very cute!

  7. AHHH so close to the wedding girlie!!! u must be so excited!!! You are def going to deserve that honeymoon! :)

  8. ahhh 44 more days!!! it's pretty much counting on fingers and toes from here on out :)

  9. 44 days?! It's getting so close! I love the straws they are going to be so cute! I love the dresses you pinned.. did you end up picking a rehearsal dinner dress? I can't wait to see it :)

    Ps. I'm having a cute Anthro giveaway on my blog.. check it out :)

  10. Ahh only 44 more days!! It will be here before you know it. Trust me when I say that sitting in the airport waiting for my honeymoon flight might have been the best part of the whole weekend, I felt like I could finally breathe and relax! Don't get me wrong everything about the weekend was amazing but trust me the honeymoon is the best part!

  11. 44 days!!! That is sooo exciting! & The straws look great!

  12. 44!!!! Love the straws, I am with ya on matchy matchy!!! :) Love the sign too.

  13. Where did your sister get/make that sign from? It's such a cute wedding gift. Different from your typical gift registry gifts...I have a wedding in August to go to and I think that would be a great gift! Did you do a registry?

  14. 44 days! That is very exciting! I'd love to know if you know where your sister got that sign made too?

  15. Looove the straws! SO cute! Love all of your pins, esp the first one!

  16. Wooohoooo! Those 44 days are going to FLY by!!!! xoxo!

  17. I am sooo jealous!! You get to go to Hawaii!!!!! I want to go back! Gosh you will have a blast. Best place on Earth :)

  18. how exciting! 44 days!! I love the idea of having everything match with your monogram! I stuck ours everywhere too! My wedding is one month from today, right outside of boston!! i just found your blog, excited to follow along with you leading up to the big day. My stress has just subsided as well and I feel like i'm walking on a cloud!! it must be right around that month marker where that tends to happen! :)

  19. whooooo hooo! i bet you are getting so crunk! this is exciting! i'll be ready to see lots and lots of pictures!!

    LOVE the straws. they look super fun. i absolutely love going to weddings and seeing all the different crafts the bride/groom have come up with. those always end up being the funnest weddings!

    also i love every single one of your pins. every single one.

  20. stumbled onto your blog and just wanted to leave you a little blog luv! Def enjoyed this post!! New Follower via email :-)


  21. I love that black dress!! I am so excited for you, reading this post made me excited for when that day finally comes for me. What a great feeling!


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