Wedding Invitations and Fun Photo Fridays!

We've made it to the end of the work week, friends!

Things I'm looking forward to this weekend...

Buying a new mattress
Firing up the grill for dinner tonight
Sleeping in
Getting a facial and my eyebrows waxed
Tasting what the bakery has come up with for our wedding favors with mom
Lots of wedding errands
Dinner with friends
Sunday breakfast with M
Greek Easter

In other news....our wedding invitations are officially OUT! People have been texting me and e-mailing me saying they already received them! There's no turning back now:) 70 days from today!

Even Madyson wanted me to know she received the invitation...

Time for Fun Photo Fridays!

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Photos are memories for us to keep and share...so let's start sharing them!! Whether you are sitting in your cubicle until 5:00 today or dozing off in a boring class there is probably some other place you wish you could be right now, right?? So let's have at it.... if you could transport yourself back to a moment in one of your favorite photographs which one would you choose today??

Today (in honor of warmer weather and sunshine) I am jumping back into this photo...

This is my sister, Brittney and I sitting on the dock at the lake in NH. Nothing better than summertime at the lake!! We spent the day hanging out on the boat and grilling up some delicious bbq food....YUM! Take me out of my cubicle and back there NOW!


  1. Sounds like you have a busy weekend ahead!!! Have fun & enjoy that facial...that sounds amazing!!

    p.s. You totally missed some texting excitement last night...it was one thing after another at our house!

  2. YAY for invites being out! :) Sounds like a great weekend! Enjoy. I could use some of that sun too!

  3. sounds like a great weekend!!
    getting facials and eyebrows waxed is something i look forward to. i always feel so freaking clean after.
    happy weekend!

  4. man do i want to sit in the sun. unfortunately it is raining here, but i need sun asap!

  5. I heard the ZBB Toes song this morning on the way to work and I was so excited for a pretty day! So exciting that your wedding invitations are out! 70 days is definitely getting into the home stretch!

  6. looks like you have a busy, but fun weekend planned :)

  7. ahhh sun. It's warm in Louisville today also :)
    I nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award, btw!


  8. The words "firing up the grill" are like music to my ears..makes me think of warm summer nights with friends on the deck! Congratulations on getting your wedding invites out...that's so exciting! You will make a beautiful bride!

  9. Sounds like a really fun weekend - enjoy!

  10. I like the invitations- They're beautiful!!

    Also loving the picture of you and your sister. Makes me want to go on vacation stat!!


  11. That baby....she is too cute! Enjoy your facial! Have a great weekend!

  12. Aww you look so cute! I am so excited for summer too :)

  13. sounds like a great weekend! 70 days! well less now!! how exciting! i cant wait til our invites comes, im so nervous to see them

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