Tropical Tuesdays!

Hi Friends!!

It's Tuesday and the sun is shining! It may not be warm out in Boston but we're getting closer and closer to summer and closer and closer to my honeymoon in Hawaii (should I be more excited about the wedding? hmmm)

All I want to do these days is shop for fun maxi dresses and wedge sandals because I can't WAIT to be in Hawaii with my hubby-to-be.

Who doesn't love a good tropical vacation?
There's nothing better than getting off the plane with your main squeeze knowing that all you have to do is relax for the next several days. AM I RIGHT??

Since I know you all answered "YES" I'm going to link up with Kristen from Life's a Beach for Tropical Tuesdays!

Here's a FUN FACT - Kristen and I know each other IRL....she and I went to college together and she's lots of fun!! You should check out her blog now and link up!

Today I'm going to share some photos of some of my favorite vacations:)

Another FUN FACT - I am petrified of fish....they freak me out like you wouldn't believe....another story for another day but this is me conquering my fear....

Enjoy the sunshine, friends!:)


  1. Yayy!! Thanks for linking up! These pictures make me realize I desperately need a tan...and a margarita! You should talk to Franco, she just lived in Hawaii for 4 months.

  2. Aww lovely post! All these pictures make me want to relax by the pool or on the beach with a margarita in hand. ;)

    xx Jessica

  3. Mmmmm agreed! Who DOESN'T love a tropical vacay?! When are you going to Hawaii and what island?! My husband and I are going to Kauai in September for a wedding! :)

  4. now i need to go on vacation. like tomorrow.
    also, i am kind of afraid of fish too.
    but i will tell you this.
    last time we were in hawaii, i conquered my fear of fish, and we were swimming in the ocean minding our own business and all of a sudden, a family of turtles popped up within arms distance of us and they were hanging out with us.

    of course, i kept doing the finding nemo voices.

    xx jes

  5. my friend mandy and i have started a tradition of going on tropical vacays every spring we purchase with our tax refunds. last year puerto rico, this year punta cana. your pictures get me excited.

    you're gonna have an amazing time. :)

  6. Great post! It makes me want to go on vaca ASaP! lol. Where are you guys going in Hawaii? The hubs & I honeymooned in Kauai and it was AMAZING! We actually talked about moving there, like for real...and actually talked about it last night!

  7. I am getting married April 21st, and then we are headed for the Dominican Republic! I like you have been obsessed with fun dresses and wedges and I am very excited for the honeymoon as well! What a blast it will be! Good luck your last few months of planning!!!

  8. You are too cute!!!! Makes me want to go somewhere tropical right about now.

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  10. Enjoy! How exciting! I told my husband just the other day, I wish we could just get on a plane and go back to Puerto Rico where we honeymooned. These pics make me realize how bad I need a tan! whew!

  11. I love all of your vacation pictures!!! I am so jealous of your honeymoon! I can't wait to see pics when you get back. Time really does fly when you're having rum! What a fun link up.

  12. so adorable! i love your blog, its so cute & fun! new follower! congrats on one year being engaged!

    xx Kelly


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