Texting Fun!

Hi Friends!

How are we all on this fine Thursday? Normally on Thursdays I link up for "Its OK Thursdays" but today I thought I'd mix it up a bit. I like to keep you all on your toes:) 

I was going through my phone last night and realizing that some of my text messaging conversations are pretty funny. I thought "Hey, maybe my bloggie friends will enjoy these as much as I do!"

So I'm going to share them with you....whether you like it or not

Exhibit A
Conversation between me and my friend Steph. She's not exactly the domesticated diva type and she recently thought it was a good idea to test her cooking skills by making a big brisket dinner...

Exhibit B
Conversation between me and my sister Michele regarding the birthday cake for my mom's birthday party

Exhibit C
This one might be the most RANDOM of them all but it cracks me up for some reason. This is a text from my bro in law Justin - literally all he writes are lyrics to an old Prince song. Probably the weirdest of all of Prince's songs. Who doesn't love Prince, seriously? Just me?

Exhibit D
This is a convo between me and my friend Faye. She took a road trip down to Delaware to pick up her sister's new puppy....whom apparently had some intestinal issues. 

Exhibit E
I'm on my way to the gym last week and I get a text from my friend Eleni - literally all the text has is a photo of some weird naked fat people holding swords....I think this picture speaks for itself...

Exhibit F
This is a convo between my friend Jackie and I. Two words...Titanic 3D!

Exhibit F
I love this one. This is a convo between my sister Brittney and I. I love how quickly our convo goes from genital rashes to children's footwear... so smooth:)

Exhibit G
This is a convo between me and the hubby to be. This pretty much sums up why I'm marrying him:)

Exhibit H
This convo is typical between my friend Kate and I - we share a strong bond through reality television:)

It's almost time for the weekend, friends....can you smell it??
Until tomorrow:)


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE text messages with friends. Too funny! :)


  2. i love my texting convos with my friends. some of them are so random and hilarious that i know if i were to post them, i'd be the only one appreciating them.

  3. Love it! I kept forgetting if you were the green or Gray texter and needed to look at my phone to remind myself! haha...
    I legit HATE Applebees!

  4. These are great. The Paula Deen made me laugh out loud. The comment about the new puppy being nervous sounds like a text between my friends and I would.

  5. ahhh i love dance moms too!!! have you seen the new dance moms miami? i have it dvred but idk if i will like it as much!

  6. Ahahaha Rose's boobs in 3D. How did I not think of that?? :)

    xx Jessica

  7. I love funny texts! Sometimes I keep some of the ones that make me laugh the most, just cuz they are too funny :) YAY for almost weekend!!!

  8. ahahaha

    your text messages are much more colorful than mine!!

    Maybe we should exchange digits so I can have fun text convo's with you, too??

    What could be more fun that texting with an almost complete stranger who you only know through blogging???


  9. I love fun texts! Some of the convos i have with my friends are ridiculous!

  10. hahahahhahahah this is great! so funny! i love seeing what auto correct does to the texts!

    xo Kelly


  11. Fun texts are the best. You have a great blog.


  12. Big LOL to the one between you and your soon to be hubby! I take it you don't like applebees? SO funny because I don't either and my boyfriend Mark loves it! Also, I would totally go to chiptole which just made it even better. Too funny!!


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