My Bridal Shower and Little Nugget's Birthday!

Happy Hump Day, Lovelies!

As I mentioned yesterday, I was anxiously waiting to give you all a full recap of my beautiful bridal shower and you're in luck....because today is the day!!

But first things first....

HAPPY 1st Birthday to my little nugget, Caleb!!! 

I can't believe my nephew is already 1!!!

Moving right along....

My mother, sisters, friends and future mother in law did a fantastic job throwing us the most beautiful (wine-themed) shower ever!! It was held at a local Italian restaurant which was the PERFECT setting.

The centerpieces were placed in wine holders instead of vases, the favors were delicious orange creamsicle cupacakes in mason jars accompanied by little heart-shaped measuring spoons....the whole thing was SO ME!! I loved it all:)

Now I'm going to let the photos do the talking.....ENJOY!:)

 My momma and I:)
 M & I with his mom:)

BEAUTIFUL bridesmaids!

We're half way through the work week, friends....the weekend is getting close!

Until tomorrow:)


  1. Ahhhh so much fun. You looked beautiful!

  2. Looks amazing. You are going to be such a stunning bride!! :) x

  3. Awwwww so cute! You look gorgeous!!!


  4. Everything was so cute! Hope you had an amazing time :)

  5. Adorable shower! I love the wine theme, and it looks like they really made it personal. I wanted to email you about doing a guest post for us (since we're all about showers!) but I couldn't find your email. You can contact me at sweetandsourshowers@gmail.com if you're interested. So cute!

  6. Ah looks so fun. Love all the details. :) You looked so pretty too.

  7. I love your pictures--you're so dang cute! So glad you had a great shower!! :)
    Don't forget to stop by tomorrow for Thirsty Thursday! :)

  8. Wow love the decorations! Looks like a great time!

  9. looks like a LOVELY shower!!! You must be so excited that the wedding is getting close and you looked so pretty! xoxo

  10. Looks like a perfect shower!:)

  11. I LOVE that you had a wine themed wedding shower! So much fun, your dress was super cute too!

  12. Looks like such a great shower!! Congrats!

  13. what a great shower!! looks like you got hooked up on the gifts too!!


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