Its OK Thursdays!

Hi Friends!

I'm late with posting today because I have ZERO energy on this fine Thursday.
I thought that a little "pick-me-up" in the form of a tall Starbucks iced would do the trick but alas.....I'm still sleepy and out of sorts this afternoon - it must be all that running around and working out I've been doing lately (false)!

I almost decided to skip writing a post today....I really did - but then I realized you all probably wanted to read my latest list of "its oks" to make yourselves smile and possibly feel a little bit better about your own lives:)

Without further adieu....

Its Ok Thursdays

So Its Ok...

That I ripped off all of my beautiful gel, french manicure while watching TV the other night and now I am SO MAD at myself:(

That I've gone into Starbucks the last 2 days to pick up something for lunch and walked out with coffee both times. I can't resist!!

That I was so proud of myself for going back to yoga last night....that I proceeded to wolf down a Chipotle burrito bowl like it was my last meal on earth - then followed it with 3 mini Milky Ways.

That I found out yesterday that my wedding coordinator retired

That I found out about my coordinator's retirement from the girl who cleans my teeth at the dentist - NOT FROM MY WEDDING COORDINATOR

That I haven't done laundry in over a week and keep wearing the same dress pants over and over again.

That I have a slight panic attack every time I look at my "wedding countdown" app on my iphone because the wedding date is coming so quick!

That I'm using every ounce of my will power not to rip into the box of Thin Mints a client left on my desk last week.

That I am having withdrawals from "50 Shades of Grey" because I haven't had time to read the last few nights!

That M & I played trivia at a bar the other night on a whim and went from 3rd place to last place after the "US Presidents" round of questions - guess I need to brush up on my US History.

That I was proud of myself for answering all of the FOOD, ALCOHOL & CELEBRITIES trivia questions correctly:)

That seeing the commercials for the American Pie Reunion movie makes me feel REALLY old

What's OK with YOU today??


  1. i'm glad you took the time to post. i love these kinds of posts! how crazy about your coordinator. very professional of her!

    1. Right?? I'm not a bridezilla but I feel like I had every right to be!! Oh well - things will still turn out great:) Happy Thursday!

  2. What? Your wedding coordinator didn't contact you? :( Wedding is so close!! Ek :) I have heard good things about that book. Must look into it. Happy weekend!!

  3. Good list! Made me laugh ... and want some Thin Mints & Starbucks. ;)

  4. So I'm about to finish up the Hunger Games and was looking into the Shades of Grey. Worth the read eh? (did I just say eh? I am apparently from Canada :P)

  5. oh my gosh I could not imagine going to get your teeth cleaned and come out knowing you dont have a wedding coordinator anymore!!! Wasn't expecting that one!

    My mom was my wedding coordinator and I wouldn't have had it any other way. She was amazing, FREE and she knows what I like. Plus I got to spend a ridiculous amount of time with my momma!! :)

    I have had zero energy to blog lately. I thought about doing an It's Ok link up, but I cant pull myself to do it. Lame I know!!

  6. I literally JUST made a cup of coffee as I sat down to read this post :) I can't believe your wedding coordinator didn't inform you of this retirement news... uh, really??

    & 50 shades of grey is on my "to read" list! Glad to hear it's good.


  7. I don't blame you, I can never walk into a coffee shop and NOT get coffee. It's too hard to past up!

  8. I am having mad withdrawls of the book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    so this wedding cordinator... have you paid her?? what are you going to say? you dont think she is planning on finishing the ones she booked?

  9. I thought the same thing when I saw the American Pie Reunion trailer! :)

  10. I don't know if I could walk into Starbucks and NOT get coffee! Good for you for even trying! :)

  11. Ahhh you ust made me feel better with your yoga comment, then eating food. I did the same thing yesterday hahah.

  12. Ok about the American Pie reunion.... They graduated in the class of 1999...
    Who has a 13 year reunion????

  13. Oh my gosh! That is insane about your wedding coordinator!! I am so Sorry!! Ohhh I hate doing/folding laundry too, ha!


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