Happy Monday!

Things that make me smile...

90 degree weather in Boston
Leftover spinach pie from Greek Easter
Getting wedding reply cards back in the mail
Waiting for our brand new pillow-top mattress to be delivered
French Toast flavored coffee
Freshly-waxed eyebrows
Sore muscles from a good work out
Black & White cookies
The fact that I am NOT running the Boston Marathon today
Paying the remaining balance for our 7 day Hawaiian cruise
Pulling out the sundresses and flip flops from the basement
Finishing week 6 of the Kettleworx program
New opportunities
Looking through old photos

Happy Monday, Everyone:)


  1. Happy Monday to you too :) We're so close in planning it's insane! Mailing out the invites next week - woohoo. I bet it's so exciting to get the response cards back! We also just paid off our honeymoon. It's all becoming REAL! :)

  2. so jealous of your warm weather- its about 55 here in chicago and im NOT happy about it haha. and so excited to hear all about the upcoming wedding! getting replies back in the mail backs it all a reality soon!

  3. spinach pie?! i need to know more about this. :) and love looking at old photos. did the same thing just last night.

  4. So I watched the entire kettleworx infomercial on TV at the gym this morning, would love a review!

  5. Is your Kettleworx the one by Brook? I bought a set of dvds and they are Kettleworx by Brooks. Nice work on finishing it!! Love this post. So happy!!

  6. I love that it's sundered and flip flops time too! And yay for getting back wedding reply cards!! I remember being sooo excited to check the mail every day!

  7. Looking through old pictures is so fun & funny!

  8. Isn't getting wedding reply cards the best! It's about 90 here today too and I'm loving it! So ready for summer!

  9. I'm so jealous of your weather! It's like 30 here in Wisconsin and it was actually snowing earlier! Yuck! My boss drinks French Toast coffee. Where do you get it from? Is it for a Keurig? It smells SOOOO good!

  10. getting the reply cards back is very exciting...it makes it all the more real!

    hawaiian cruise?? i'm jealous!

  11. happy monday girlie!! Ah. I went to BU and marathon monday was my favorite day of the year, I wish I was there!!! haha!

  12. SMILINGS MY FAVORITE!!!! I smile cause you are my friend!


  13. It's hotter in Boston then it is in Phoenix! :)

  14. Those are all happy things! And how do you get french toast flavored coffee? I haven't seen a creamer flavored like that yet. And sore muscles always make me happy. Reminds me that I got off my butt and did something :)

  15. Yeah here in az the weather has been awesome also. A seven day Hawaiian cruise??? Lucky you!! Cute blog


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