Coconut Love and Its OK Thursdays!

Hi Friends!!

I was all ready to walk into my office today in a bad mood, I really was! I snoozed twice, didn't get a great night's sleep and KNEW there would be lots of work waiting for me since I took the day off yesterday....
but then I saw this in the kitchen....

...and my frown was turned upside down

I LOVE my first coconut coffee of the year. It usually means that it's the middle of spring, the weather is getting warmer and the smell of coconut just makes me so happy:) I usually drink coconut coffee from April until August....and so it begins!!

You know what else makes me happy??

This bad boy...

(no this is not my bedroom....its missing a giant laundry pile, and cat hair everywhere)
M & I got our new mattress and it is like a dream come true!!! It has 6 inches of pillow top heaven and makes me smile every time I lay on it! 
No more back pain for us!!

And the happiness continues.....

202??? Am I dreaming? What a beautiful sight to see!!

Time to link up for Its OK Thursdays!

Its Ok Thursdays

So Its Ok...

That I painted my nails Tuesday night and every single finger is already chipped

That we had pancakes for dinner last night

That I can't wait for the premieres of Real Housewives of NJ and the Bachelorette

That our new mattress came Tuesday morning and we still haven't thrown the plastic away....its still sitting on our bedroom floor

That I desperately need a spray tan

That I desperately need my roots done (luckily that is happening on Saturday!)

That I saw about 100 things I wanted to buy at Forever 21 yesterday but only walked out with 1 shirt

That I can't get into Dance Moms Miami...I miss Abby too much

That my mom told me yesterday I should try signing autographs for Danny Glover for some extra cash (she clearly read Tuesdays post!)

That I can't stop dreaming about Hawaii

What's OK with YOU today??


  1. visiting from the link up...i miss abby from dance moms in pittsburgh too. june cant come soon enough when it returns!

    cute blog :)


  2. Haha I love that your plastic wrap from the mattress is still on the floor! My husband and I are notorious for doing stuff like that! Hope you have a fab day! Xoxo!

  3. I am definitely going to go out and get some of the coconut coffee! I LOVE coconut!

  4. Mmm that coconut coffee looks amazing!! I cant wait to get a keurig! We currently have a tassimo and its good but you cant find as good of a selection! I think we are like reality tv soulmates, my favorite show on earth is RHONJ!! and Dance moms - totally agree, abby makes the show! lol! congrats on the 202 lady! :-)

  5. I LOVE Coconut EVERYTHING!! Need to get those KCups! ASAP!I love that you guys had pancakes for dinner last night... Also, I hate dance moms Miami...those guys are too nice...and Jessie's mom annoys me too much!

  6. Coconut coffee?! I'm having a hard time trying to imagine how that tastes. Sounds summery though :) And I paint my nails several times a week for that very reason. It either chips off on its own....ooooor I give it a little help! haha

    Congrats on surpassing 200!! :)

  7. Love the new bed! Yay for comfy stuff!
    Come link up for Thirsty Thursday!! :)

  8. i love coconut coffee! i'll have to guy those kcups soon!

  9. isn't it great how the littlest things can turn your day around?! i need my coffee to keep me name everyday ;) Happy thursday! XO

  10. Isn't it amazing what a good cup of coffee can do?! New mattresses are amazing aren't they!! I use the top coat Seche Vite, it's around $11 at Ulta and smells really strong but keeps a polish on for a week I swear!

  11. I swear everytime I paint my nails they chip so quickly! Ugh!

    Congrats on you 200 followers girlie!

  12. Ok so a. I am jealous that your office has a Keurig, that would make my life! b. Coconut coffee? Never heard of this and need to try!
    Also, I am super excited about Real Housewives of NJ too! :)

  13. Love this! Totally cannot wait for the Bachelorette either, I can't wait for Emily to be back on! I totally couldn't help myself in Forever 21 the other day either! That store is dangerous :) Congrats on 202 followers, that's so exciting!

  14. That coconut coffee looks fantastic. I need to try some of that. I also can't stop think about Hawaii, and we don't leave until August. Boo.

  15. YUM! Coconut coffee sounds delicious! My nails always chip like the day I paint them, I swear. I could also use a spray tan. I'm like a vampire haha.

  16. I cant wait for NJ housewives to return either! I am with you on dance moms, cant really get into Miami.

  17. I'm totally going to look for that island coconut coffee! I can't wait to try it!


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