Bridal Shower Sneak Peek and New Godparents!

Hi Friends!

I've been VERY busy the last few days! 

First things first....my family and friends threw Mike and I a BEAUTIFUL wedding shower on Sunday!! I can't wait to give you all a full recap with beautiful photos....but I am patiently waiting for the maid of honor to find her camera cord! (hint hint)

Until then....you can only imagine how FULL our condo is.....full of amazing gifts that I cannot WAIT to open and use.....even though M says I can't open them until we get a house....get real!

I LOVE personalized gifts! LOVE LOVE LOVE

In other news.....Mike and I were asked to be the Godparents to our beautiful niece Madyson.....

How cute is this little munchkin?? 
Her baptism is on Sunday:) We can't wait!!

Moving right along

We are 59 days away from the big day. Can you believe that?? FIFTY-NINE DAYS!!!
You would think with the wedding getting so close I would be eating healthy and working out daily......
......if you think that you are WRONG!

Last night I told myself I would work out after Mike and I went food shopping.....
well food shopping turned into happy hour.... which turned into dinner out with wine & martinis.....
.... which turned into this....

I need serious motivation....clearly fitting into my wedding dress and going on a Hawaiian honeymoon aren't enough!

Happy Tuesday:)


  1. I am the same way about being motivated. I love how saying you would work out turned into happy hour and dinner out. That sounds soooo familiar. I love your personalized gifts!! 59 days, how exciting!! I'm starting to plan my nonexistent wedding with lots and lots of hints to the bf. Hopefully soon!

  2. congratulations on becoming godparents! also, the ice cream is looking pretty amazing. even if it is only 6am where i am haha

  3. showers are the best. presents, friends, food, presents ... :) and oh that baby melts my heart.

  4. YAY wedding shower, so much fun! love your gifts, they are so stinkin' precious!

    Speaking of precious that little girl is adorable, so cute! congrats on being a godparent!!!

    59 days....wowowowowowow!!


  5. Looks like you got tons of great stuff!! Congrats on being a godparent! Don't worry I ate like crap in the final weeks before my wedding and some how still lost a lot of weight beforehand- I swear the final month of wedding stress is a great diet :)

  6. Love the custom sign! So cute!
    and congrats on being a godparent, she's adorable!

  7. That is the cutest baby EVER! really? Congratulations on becoming a godparent!
    I want ice cream!!

  8. Yayy for fun presents!! And 59 days?! Dang girl. I know you're excited!! Can I just say that I love how your grocery shopping night went? Sounds like something I would do!! haha

  9. My motivation seems to be the same as yours. It usually starts off while Im at work the thought of working out or making a healthy dinner is there, but then I get home and all those thoughts end up on the couch. :)

  10. Girl, we lead parallel lives. lol - I just became a Godmommy this weekend. I'm SO excited. I love the personalized gifts you received, how cute!

    Ps. I gave your cute blog an award, ch-ch-check it out! You've probably already participated though :)

  11. Yay for personalized gifts!!! The hanger is always a favorite!! I still cant figure out where to display mine... Im thinking just hanging it somewhere on a wall in the house haha!

  12. yay :) love love love all the gifts! your shower looks lovely! xo

  13. That hanger is too cute! I cant wait to see the shower pictures. How exciting!

  14. That hanger is adorable. Personalized gifts are the greatest and I love your blog!


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