Wedding Inspiration!

It's getting closer to wedding season, people! 
Save the dates and invitations are coming in the mail. The previews for upcoming movies in the theaters all have some sort of "wedding theme." Before we know it we will be dancing with friends, rocking out to DJ's, eating delicious catered food and catching bouquets!

I'm 101 days away from my own wedding. Can you believe it?? When I first started my countdown I think I was about 440 days away....this is insane! The time really did fly by! 

I'm funny about writing too many details about my wedding on here. Not because I don't want to share the details with you guys, but because I know some of my guests might be reading this and I am ALL ABOUT the element of surprise! 
I don't want people to know EXACTLY what my invitations look like until they receive them in the mail. I don't want to show you all the dress I chose because I want it to be a surprise for my friends and family. 

Is this crazy?? I don't know. 

I've been putting in A LOT of hard work on all the little details that are going into our big day and I want everyone to be WOW'd the day of....I don't want them to say "oh I already knew about this from reading Shann's blog.

To hold you all over though I thought I would share some pieces from my wedding inspiration board! So take a look and just imagine the awesomeness that will be this wedding:)

Source: google.it via Shannon on Pinterest

Source: etsy.com via Shannon on Pinterest

Source: google.com via Shannon on Pinterest

Get excited!!


  1. AH! I can't wait to see all your amazing details! It will be beautiful! :)

  2. All the pictures are blocked on my work computer because Pinterest is blocked here (BOO times a milli, i know), but I just got done with wedding season. Seriously - I was in 3 weddings in less than a year and attended several more than that. I hope to G that I don't have to go to any more weddings for a long time! No more save the dates on my fridge! I seriously love, love, love weddings but I am SO burnt out at the moment. GIve me a month and I'll be back in the swing of things!

  3. Oh how fun! I can't wait to start planning my wedding someday (hopefully soon)! I've said this before but my favorite is the colored shoes idea!!

  4. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh so so so so pretty!

    I can't WAIT to get my 'invitation in the mail'!!! ;)!

    Seriously though, I totally understand wanting to have some surprise for your guests. But whatever you do, they will just be HAPPY to celebrate YOU and your boo's love for each other!


  5. These are all really pretty! I definitely want a photo booth at my wedding, whenever I get married :)

  6. It's getting close!!
    I know how you feel about not sharing too much and I completely agree with you. I'm only now sharing all the details aside from my inspiration posts with pinterest pics that I did a few times too.

    I hope wedding planning is all you ever hoped and don't let anything bring you down! It's yours and your Mr's day and that's all that matters!

  7. I love wedding season! (and the movie wedding crashers lol) The photo booth is a really cute idea. I wish I would have done that for my wedding! Are you going to do that? Also what is the picture above that of? Hope you have a great Tuesday!

  8. girl I'm right there behind you!!! Wedding say is oh so fast rapidly approaching!!!!!

  9. You will be married up in no time!!!
    I love wedding season because I get to go and by pretty new dresses. I am not to pumped about this season as I am going to be huge. Maternity dresses aren't as fun to shop for :p

  10. I dont have much motivation for wedding stuff. sad i know. where did you get your invites from? i cant deicde on that either!


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