TGIF & Fun Photo Fridays!

YAY for Friday!!! 

Remember when Friday's used to be all about TGIF? I'm not gonna lie, I miss those days! My mom would order a pizza for my sisters and me, we'd invite friends over for sleepovers, we'd put our pillows on the floor in front of the TV, ready to watch the Friday night line up - complete with Full House and Family Matters.

I think I'm getting nostalgic because of my Bob Saget dream I told you all about yesterday...weird! 
Ok, moving on before this gets any more awkward than it already is...

Please still be my friend even though I have dreams about Danny Tanner....

I bet you wouldn't mind if I was dreaming about Uncle Jesse instead...

"Have Mercy!"

Am I right?? 

It's time to link up for Fun Photo Fridays!

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Photos are memories for us to keep and share...so let's start sharing them!! Whether you are sitting in your cubicle until 5:00 today or dozing off in a boring class there is probably some other place you wish you could be right now, right?? So let's have at it.... if you could transport yourself back to a moment in one of your favorite photographs which one would you choose today??

Today I am jumping back into this photo...

My girls and I packed up the car and headed down to Cape Cod for a summer weekend in July 2007 to see the Steve Miller Band concert. What a fantastic time! The sun, the beach, some adult beverages and a great concert. We took this photo after the show was over. The concert was in a tent and let me tell you it was hot as balls in there. We joked that it had to be over 100 degrees. My hair was straight when I went in and I came out with the curly mess you are looking at above. It didn't matter though - we still danced and sang along to "Keep on Rockin' Me Baby" and "JetAirliner" anyway! 


  1. I miss TGIF too, your Friday nights sounded so fun! Your picture sounds like it was a blast too! Happy Friday girl!

  2. You got it dude! I used to do the same thing! I was always excited because my Mom and Dad made us popcorn! (And what kid doesn't love popcorn and soda) this pic looks really fun, and super super warm! Keep on rockin me baby! Have a great weekend Shannon!! xoxo

  3. CUTE CUTE PICTURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  4. Just stop already...

    TGIF was the best!!!!

    ...and A Steve Miller Band concert??? How freaking lucky are YOU?? I bet that concert was B.A.

    Happy Friday!!

  5. dreams of danny tanner? i've had myself some of those. we can still be blog friends!
    xx jes


  6. I love Steve Miller Band - I bet that was an awesome concert!
    I actually watched a rerun of Full House last weekend and I just couldn't help but smile the whole time. Oldie but goodie!

  7. Agree with the person above me! That would be a fun concert. And I know what you mean about when it's hot and your straight hair goes curly, happens to me all the time too! Have a good weekend!

  8. Ohh.. John Stamos... (:

    Haha, I love your blog! Too cute! (: New follower!


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