A Pinteresting DIY Weekend!

Happy Monday, People!

It might reach 70 degrees in Boston today. Can you believe it? With daylight savings behind us it's going to be nice and bright out at 5:00 when we leave work too. What's better than that? I love those nights when you have to wear sunglasses on your drive home and you can enjoy dinner outside. Spring is on the way.....I can feel it!

This weekend M and I had a serious case of DIY fever. I had printed out so many ideas from Pinterest for crafts, home projects and recipes and decided this was the weekend to try some of them out! M helped me out and we got things done - and I am SO pleased with the way EVERYTHING turned out. That's why I decided to share these photos with you...

1.) DIY Mail Station

In our house we are constantly drowning in mail. I hate checking the mailbox because I know it's just filled with Citibank offers, mortgage bills, and Victoria's Secret catalogs. I hated having mail on the counters and kitchen table so I went to Pinterest for some inspiration...Here is what we came up with as a solution...

It's cute right? We got the brackets and shelf at Lowe's for about $16 total and the giant paperclip at Kohls.  The basket came from the Christmas Tree shop and it was only $3.99! Now we can put any pertinent bills in the paper clip and everything else in the basket...GENIUS! 

2.) Photo Shelf

It's no secret...one thing I've always hated about our condo is the ugly picture frame I had hanging above our couch. Long story short I ordered a beautiful print which was an awkward size and I think there are 4 frames on this planet that would fit it. I always hated it...so M and I decided to build another shelf above the couch....

The shelf and brackets came from Lowe's, the frames from the Christmas tree shop, the "R" and holder from Michael's and the vase from Kohls!

3.) Grapes as Ice Cubes

Since it was so nice out yesterday I decided to cool down with a chilled glass of Moscato. You've probably seen this idea all over Pinterest, but I'll share it with you again....

Freeze green grapes and toss them into white wine to keep it chilled....
This was delicious and the grapes were so yummy soaked in Moscato at the end:)

4.) Man-Pleasing Chicken

I enjoy cooking but I'm no Paula Deen. I like recipes that are simple and don't have too many ingredients. I found this recipe for "man-pleasing chicken" on Pinterest last week and HAD to try it. Let me tell you...they should change the name to "woman-pleasing chicken" because I might have enjoyed this more than M. It was simple, yummy and hit the spot. There are only 4 ingredients...chicken thighs, dijon mustard, maple syrup and rice wine vinegar. What's easier than that??

I made mine with garlic mashed potatoes and parmesan green beans. Delicious! Next time I am going to try it with all white meat chicken breast. I'm not normally a dark meat fan so I'm going to do a little improvising.

You can get the recipe HERE!

How was YOUR weekend?


  1. We are the same way with mail...drives me crazy! Cute idea. The paperclip is great!

    Bennett Love

  2. your dinner looks fabulous!!! you are Paula Deen in hiding.
    i didn't know that about the grapes..i love the idea...thanks.
    happy week!

  3. Love it all! I must try the grape thing. I love your shelves too! :)

  4. um wow. I love everything you did this weekend. How productive. I have the SAMEEEE problem with mail. In fact, you should see the disgusting pile of it on my kitchen table right now. It's embarassing. I am totally stealing your idea! And that chicken looks so good. I'm the same way about cooking. I only make easy stuff!

  5. love love love all the pinterest things you did :) what a great idea with the shelf and the grapes! i'm going to try them too soon! xo

  6. Grapes MOSCATO!!!! MIND BLOWN! MUST make for this weekend! and it's green for st. paddy's day!!!


  7. I LOVE all your ideas! I am definitely going to have to try the green grapes in moscato-moscato is my favorite! That food looks amazing btw.

  8. Those are such good ideas! I have an awkward shelf type thing above my couch, even worse is its built in. I need like those huge movie posters to fit in there! Icky annoying!

  9. I've been wanting to try the grapes pin and keep forgetting!
    Love all the home decor ideas too!

  10. Im so glad to hear that you tried the wine grapes! I have been dying to try them! I wonder if red grapes would work in red wine...

  11. Love the mail station! And I'm definitely going to have to try the wine with grapes!!

  12. Thanks for sharing! looks delish!!

  13. Hey there! I am new to your blog and so happy to have found you! Congrats on your upcoming wedding. It's the best time ever! I hope you have the wedding of your dreams! I am currently having a bridal give away for a $25 gift certificate to an online bridal shop, and I'd love for you to enter. There is everything from jewelry to cake toppers and more. So much to look at and win! I hope you stop by and follow along! Best wishes on your big day!

    Love the mail shelf. I always have trouble keeping our mail in the same place. I should look into this idea! :)

  14. Hey love. so glad I found your blog. I'm definitely following now. I can't wait to read more. If you get a sec, I'd love if you'd check out my blog. It's all about the adventures of a small town girl taking on the LA fashion scene. xo


  15. I love your mail idea! I might have to steal it. Our kitchen table is always overflowing with junk mail and magazines.

  16. I love weekends full of pinterest projects! Makes me feel like there was a point to pin 50 million things haha. I'll have to try the grapes as ice cubes thing. I love moscato and that sounds yummy! :)

    <3 Clarissa


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