Oh How Pinteresting Wednesday!

Happy Hump Day, Ladies!

I'm feeling a little down today:( The sun is shining, it's going to be in the high 50's in Boston, we're half way through the work week but I'm still down:( I was really hoping something BIG was gonna happen for me yesterday and I got shot down....it stings a little and I'm slightly depressed....we won't get too into detail...but don't worry friends, I'll get out of this funk. I'm sure I will!

One thing that always makes me happy is linking up with Michelle for Oh How Pinteresting Wednesday! So here we go...


Source: google.it via Shannon on Pinterest

What are YOU pinning this week??


  1. Cheep up girl! I like to think that everything happens for a reason. I love the yellow shoes with the wedding dress pin. Are you going to do that for your wedding?

  2. Ha, that last pin kills me. I gotta follow you on Pinterest, girlfriend.

  3. I love the two outfits you pinned! I totally want them!
    I hope you get out of your funk...I know it's hard sometimes, but things WILL get better! *hugs*

  4. i am in love with that second outfit you pinned! i.need.it.
    hope that funk goes away... right now.
    xx jes

  5. Hang in there! Deep breaths. : )

    ...and remember sometimes we ending up thanking God for Unanswered Prayers. Everything happens for a reason - Not our will but God's will be done!!

  6. I love that first outfit! & the last pin is hilarious! LOL!

  7. Cheer up! Hope your day ends better than it started!!
    I'm loving the outfits you posted. That first one with the yellow - too gorgeous!

  8. I can sooo relate to the last one!!

    LOVE the two outfits you listed. I really liked the first, but then saw the second one and I like that one just as much!

    Hope things get better for you girlie!!

  9. I hope you start feeling better!! If it makes you feel any better I had a very rough morning (still have the flu and some other emotional crap happned) so these pins cheered me up :) To a better tomorrow for both of us!!

  10. I am sorry you havent been having that great of a week :( thinking of you darling! I am just getting over yet another sinus infection - so sick of them! But I hope your week turns around girlie!

  11. sorry your week has been rough, hope it gets better! & love your pins. the outfits are cute!

    happy wednesday
    xx :: ashlyn

    let it be beautiful

  12. OMG, that clothes donation one is hilarious.

  13. The 2 eecards one crack me up! I hope everything is ok! Although I don't know you the best, I'm a great listener if you ever need to talk!

  14. Ooo I love that first outfit!! Want please :)
    Just found your blog through the linkup. Love it!! xoxo

  15. LOL I love that last pin. So true! Hope you have a bright and WONDERFUL Thursday!


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