Mug Swap Reveal!

Happy Tuesday, Friends!!

Are we all enjoying the first day of Spring?? 
I sure am! 

I participated in a fun mug swap recently and am here to share with you what I got!

I was paired up with Jenn from Perfectly Imperfect

Have you ladies checked out her blog before? If not you should do so right now! (well once you are done reading my post and checking out my loot). 

She's a sweetheart and she chose a FANTASTIC mug from Pier 1 for me! I love it. It's huge, brightly colored and fits my personality perfectly....

She also threw in some yummy vanilla Starbucks coffee. Starbucks is my FAVORITE and guess what? Vanilla is my favorite Starbucks flavor. Jenn knew me so well:) Thanks again, girl!!

Enjoy the sunshine today, friends:)


  1. I actually came across this mug when I went to Pier 1 trying to find a mug for my swap partner! it's so cute! And the starbucks coffee looks delicious!! (I may have spelt that wrong, lol)

  2. mug swap??? cutest idea ever! i want to take part!!!
    xx jes

  3. very cute! i am hoping on getting my mug today from my partner! :)

  4. Seriously I am bummed that I didn't participate in this!!!
    All the mugs I am seeing are so cute!!!!!!!

  5. Aw Jen did a wonderful job! Such a cute mug!

  6. Really cute mug! How do you get involved in the blog swaps? I've never seen them until after its over and people are posting about what they got!

  7. that is THE perfect mug for this time of year! great colors!

  8. Just found you via Bargain Blonde! What is a mug swap? can't wait for fun photo Friday

  9. Ahh I can't wait to see the hunger games! The book was so good!



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