A Little Bit About Me

I'm having a bit of blogger's block today. Normally on Mondays I tell you all about my weekend complete with some snazzy photos but I'm not feelin it today. 
Not because I didn't have a great weekend...cuz I did....but because I don't think you guys want to hear more about how I drank cocktails and watched Lifetime...its starting to make my life look a little sad to be honest with you:(

Instead I'm thinking of sharing some fun, RANDOM facts about little old me. Some of you might be new followers and maybe you want to know more about the girl behind this blog?
Maybe not?

Ok anyways...here it goes....

1.) I used to do Irish step dancing...for 5 years...and I was good at it!! I used to compete for a dance school that was run by my father's cousin. My mom would spend hours getting me ready and I can remember my least favorite part about competitions was having to sleep in curlers the night before...OUCH!

2.) I love doing crafty things! Growing up I used to win creative project awards all the time in school. I loved anything that involved scissors, a glue stick and imagination. This creative gene stuck with me through college. I even crafted my own "Porn Star" Halloween costume senior year....

3.) I LOVE me some red wine! I've tried to love white wine...I really have - but I'm a red girl through and through. If you've been reading my blog for a while now you probably already know this and you are probably in the midst of planning an intervention.
4.) I love the color YELLOW! - Even though you'd never know it by cruising around my blog, my absolute favorite color in the world is yellow. I'm drawn to it and always have been. If I'm shopping and I see something yellow I instantly gravitate towards it. This is probably why I chose yellow for my bridesmaids in my upcoming wedding:)

5.) My taste in music is eclectic! - I've always been a classic rock kind of girl but lately I'm really into country and of course I love a little pop here and there:) and I can't forget my favorites from the 90's....Eclectic is the only way to describe my taste. If you are not a Gin Blossoms fan I'm not sure we can be friends...just sayin

6.) I love sweet AND salty foods - If health (and appearance) didn't matter and I was on a deserted island....these are the foods I would need to bring with me.....

7.) I LOVE reality TV! I couldn't even begin to list out all of the reality shows I watch. It might disgust you and M might read this and he might call off the wedding. It's unhealthy....but here are my favorites in a nutshell - and don't for a second think that I ONLY watch one version of the real housewives...get real people...

There ya have it...some fun facts about me. Did you learn something new? I hope so! 
Happy Monday, friends!


  1. It sounds like we would be WONDERFUL friends. I love sweet & salty foods and crafting! I had so many friends that did Irish dancing too! Have a fab day! xo

  2. Love this!!!
    Always good to learn a little bit more about my bloggy friends :)

  3. That is so cool! I was a Scottish Highland dancer for a long time! I haven't met anyone yet in the blog world who also did some form of celtic dance!
    I wish I didn't get so sucked in to reality tv, but it's like watching a trainwreck, I can't look away!

  4. reality tv is my second life. i wish i got paid to watch it, that's how much time i devote to it.
    that collection of snacks in that picture is perfection.
    and red wine is my life support.
    so glad i came across your blog!
    xx jes, your newest follower

  5. I think this is a great idea! Sometimes it's nice to get away from the typical blogging posts. This next weekend I'm going on a winery tour with some friends for a birthday. I will drink some red win in ode' to you! I'm addicted to reality tv too. In fact tv in general...My dvr is always full of shows I watch. What a great blog today!! :)

  6. Im a white wine LOVER and I have tried to like red. It's just not my thing.

    The snacks you have photos of LOVE!! I almost always have some sort of candy in my purse at all times. Im like a mini Willie Wonka.

    And I hope you don't defriend me in the blog world, but I dont even know who Gin Blossoms is. I pretty much only listen to country music though.

  7. Love getting to know more about you! You should do a link up for getting to know one another, I'd totally link up for that!

  8. love all these facts girlie! I am the same way about wine I do not really like white wine that much and LOVEEEE red wine. Red wine is actually way better for you so thats good that we like it more! xoxo

  9. That's so awesome you used to do Irish dancing! I really like the color yellow. Those were the color of my bridesmaid dresses. Not always the most common but it went really well with our daisy theme :) I like all kinds of wine, red and white, so I hear you on that ;) Have a good day!!

  10. Always so fun to know more about the girl behind the blog! Newest reader :)

  11. I am obsessed with Reality TV too! I can't help myself and I definitely can't quit watching!

  12. For having writers block this post is ADORABLE! I just came across your blog. <3 new follower :0)


  13. well thank you for sharing these intersting things about you!! glad to 'meet' you...
    i am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.
    I m sweet and salty all they way!!

  14. we may be the same person. No, we are.

  15. Thanks for sharing!
    I love me some red wine too.
    The collages are also pretty snazzy!

  16. Yay for yellow! That was the color of my bridesmaid dresses too! I love the way you write, you are too funny!


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