Its OK Thursdays!

It's Thursday, Friends! 

 My calves and hamstrings are so sore today. I'm not sure if its from my Kettleworx workouts or from our shitty mattress. M & I both wake up every day feeling like 90 year olds with aches and pains. 

Today was a rough one. I snoozed 3 times and wished it was Friday....sadly it's not.

On the bright side though Thursday means one thing.... 

It's time for me to participate in one of my favorite link ups!

Its Ok Thursdays

So Its Ok...

That instead of ironing the bottom of my shirt this morning I opted to tuck it in to hide the wrinkles

That as I was walking out the door this morning my gray cat ran up against my leg and put fur all over my black pants.....and I didn't go back in to use the lint roller

That I made a healthy bowl of oatmeal this morning.... then added a handful of chocolate chips to the top

That I just did a webinar at work and when it was over realized everyone was on mute....so I had to do it all over again

That I am feeling overwhelmed to choose my wedding flowers this weekend because I have too many great ideas swimming around in my head

That I didn't want to go to the grocery store on an empty stomach last night so I stopped for pizza first....and had some wine too

That I want to create a paper chain that shows how many days until I am in Hawaii....because I think it would be fun to rip off a link every morning

That I want to see the Hunger Games again this weekend

That I had a dream last night that I was selected to be a tribute in the Hunger Games and the only weapons they gave me was a bunch of bananas....Maybe I'm eating too much fruit?

What's OK with YOU today??


  1. I hate ironing so I would have done the same thing! And who needs a lint roller anyways? :) Also, paper chains are so fun! haha sometimes it's good to have something like that to look forward to! And I am going to see the Hunger Games AGAIN this weekend- can't wait!

  2. hahah i love that snooze thing. it's so in your face and so i want to go back to sleep but how can i if peeta and katniss and get up and do their thing. and i'm all for the paper chain.

    xx jes

  3. loooooove chocolate chips in my oatmeal!!!

  4. I went home on my lunch break yesterday and laid in bed with my dog for a minute. When I got up my dark brown work pants had some Coco hair on them. I thought about the lint roller, but didn't act on that thought. :)

  5. Haha I literally laughed out loud at you having bananas in the hunger games! I love that snooze pic!

  6. Haha I don't know how far bananas would get you in the Hunger Games. Too funny! I love that alarm screen shot at the top. If I I actually opened my eyes and looked at my alarm in the morning instead of trying to turn it off blindly I might use it ha!
    Happy Thursday :)

  7. hahaha I love that alarm message! I did something like that to mine and it didn't help me get up any faster....ha but it's a nice thought :)

  8. I love that alarm clock screen! I need that! LOL

    And i'm still waiting to see the Hunger Games. I'm making it a priority for this weekend!

  9. I love the alarm clock screen. I'm right there with you being exhausted today - and my white dog got fur all over me on our walk and I also didn't even have the energy to re-lint roll.

  10. haha i love this! i have weird dreams too. sometimes i opt for not ironing the bottom of this one shirt i have because its so wrinkle prone that once i get out of the car it will look wrinkled so i don't waste my time!!

  11. I love the ironing one- great solution! Ha!

  12. Really like your tatic of not grocery shopping hungry- too funny! A new mattress is honestly the best purchase I have ever made! Happy weekend!

    Bennett Love

  13. i still have yet to see the hunger games!

  14. I hear you on ironing. This is a post I did on "life being too short to". Life is too short to...


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