Island Inspired Cocktails!

Good Morning, Friends!

Did we all have a wonderful weekend? Did we all enjoy the Hunger Games? 
YES and YES!

In other news...
My wedding dress fitting went swimmingly
I am half way through writing out our wedding invitations
I scored some great deals shopping for bikinis and sundresses for the honeymoon
Sissy and I are into week 5 of the kettleworx training

I'll be back tomorrow with an exciting post for you pretty ladies....for now though you can find this girl over at Going the Distance guest blogging for our good friend, Jenn:) 
Today I'm sharing some YUMMY and EASY island-inspired cocktail recipes with you guys....

We're about 8 hours away from Happy Hour.....but it's 5:00 Somewhere!


  1. What is this kettleworx training you're talking about? And how do you like it?

  2. SO happy that your wedding dress fitting went great! I didn't think you had anything to worry about you tiny, little lady! :)

    I'm interested in the kettleworx training you are talking about as well! I would love to see a post about it! :)

  3. happy monday girlie!!! how much did you love the hunger games? I want to see it again! haha! have a great week :)

  4. WOOHOO wedding time is happening so fast!!!

    your drinks look fabulous!!! xoxo

  5. What is kettleworx? I saw the hunger games and I loved it of course!!

  6. Did somebody say cocktails? Funny I am reading this at 5:30 so I am late. I better go look at those recipes!

  7. Loved the hunger games :) Have you read the book (or all 3)?? It is even better!


  8. are you seeing results from the kettleworx??


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