In a Groove & Its Ok Thursdays!

I can't believe it's already Thursday! 
Is this week FLYING by for anyone else?? It's fantastic. 

I'm happy to report that my sissy and I are through week 3 of our Kettleworx training. 
Remember this post here where I told you about our 6 week workout program?? Well since we are enjoying it so much we've decided to ramp it up a bit and we are working out 6 days a week instead of 3! It feels amazing! Yesterday was the 100 day mark until my wedding and sissy and I figured it'd be a perfect time to kick our workouts into high gear! 

I want you to all cross your fingers for me though.... that I don't burn myself out and then quit working out all together and go on a junk food eating binge....cuz this has been known to happen!!
I think I'm finally in a groove though and I'm gonna stick this out!

Time to link up for Its OK Thursdays...

Its Ok Thursdays

So Its Ok....

That the french toast flavored coffee I'm drinking would be better if it was an actual plate of french toast...with powdered sugar....and lots of syrup.

That I think bird seed would taste better than the oatmeal I'm eating right now. 

That I burnt the sh*t out of my right hand on a 400 degree oven last night because I'm clumsy.

That I was running late today because I had to use my left hand to do everything this morning....hence my hairdo today.

That I replaced my "green smoothie" with a McDonalds Shamrock shake on Tuesday night.

That I've been spoiled with the nice weather we've been having and now I'm already ready for summer.

That we accidentally locked one of my cats in the bathroom for a few hours last night...Sorry Garfield!

That all I want to do right now is lay on the couch and catch up on my DVR.

That I apparently scheduled my gyno appt Tuesday on a day my doc was being shadowed by a male med student.

That I asked the male med student to step out of the room during the exam because it was stressing me out.

That I used retail therapy and Moscato to relax from the stress of my appt after it was over:)

What's OK with YOU today??


  1. I love this!! Shamrock shakes are green...whats the difference? I love the last three, and most especially the last two. I would have done the same. Way to go that you're half way through your kettle ball! Have a great Thursday girl!!

  2. GO YOU for working out so hard core. I realized this week that Jamaica is less than 2 weeks away and I NEED to kick my butt hard. I still ended up not working out yesterday but being sick was my excuse for that. Keep up the motivation!
    I would have asked the med student to leave too. It weirds me out when people other than my gyno are in there.

  3. Yay you are going to be in the best shape of your life for the wedding! Keep it up hott mama! :] Omg how awful, I had to get a physical done by a BRAND new young doctor one time and he was sweating profusely and painfully awkward, not the best experience.

  4. 100 days!! whoo hoo! :) That's so exciting. Shamrock shake? That sounds delicious! I don't blame you for asking the male to step out, I have always had a male dr so I am used to it now but someone else I wouldn't be totallyl cool with it! :)

  5. 100 days, you must be so excited! I would have been stressing over the male med student as well haha. Oh, and I suppose my "it's ok" of the day would have to be that it's ok that I don't plan on exercising today because I'm sick. I really want to, and need to. But I just feel like garbage! Once this is over I need to get my butt moving.

    xx Jessica

    1. It's perfectly ok not to exercise if you're sick - I would relax if I were you, girl!:)

  6. I love your blog!

    I followed your blog, please follow back :)


  7. The week did go by fast!! Hope your hand gets better. Ouch!!

  8. mmmm shamrock shake... i want one...

    and go you with the 6-day a wk workouts! kick ass and take names!

    and that is just yucks about the male med student, i'd have kicked focker, rn outta there too. creeps. LOL

  9. your male med student line made me laugh.
    just wait until you have a baby, i swear at one point you are like does anyone else working today want to look at my crotch. my word. lol.

  10. I love Shamrock shakes! They are my favorite! I don't know why they can't sell them year round?! I don't blame you about the med student. As if it isn't uncomfortable enough, now you have to have someone else staring at you down there?! No Thank you!!

  11. Love french toast!! I think that will be my saturday morning breakfast...thanks! :)

    Male med student during a gnyo appt would stress me out too! My first gyno was an old man. I couldn't handle it.

  12. I love oatmeal! What kind are you eating that is not tasty?!


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