How Pinteresting Wednesday!

Happy Hump Day, friends!! 

New England weather never fails to disappoint us. Yesterday it was 70 degrees in Boston. The sun was shining, I had the windows open and all of the store fronts had their doors open to welcome the warm breeze.

We were all fools though if we thought New England was going to let the weather stay like that.....I went to bed at 10 and was woken up at 11:30 by hail, high winds, lightning shining in my face and deafening thunder! The curtains were blowing like crazy because we had our windows open...big mistake! Now today we've dropped about 20 degrees and its dark and rainy....typical New England.....I can't wait to be on the beaches of Hawaii!!!!

Moving on....

M and I treated ourselves to a little retail therapy the other night.....at the Wine & Liqueur Outlet!

Nothing better than having a variety of wine chilling in your wine rack:)

Time to link up with Michelle from the Vintage Apple for Oh How Pinteresting Wednesday!


Source: imgfave.com via Shannon on Pinterest

What are YOU pinning this week?


  1. All the wine looks really good! It's a good idea to have a variety, that way if you have guests over you have more to offer! The lemonade pin looks really yummy!

  2. I love wine! I think that there needs to be at least like 3 in the house at all times!

  3. I love your pins, especially that black/white dress and the pin about deserving someone that makes you look forward to tomorrow. So cute! :)

  4. Great pins and I LOVE stocking up on wine and trying new ones! :)

  5. that lemonade looks yummy & i love that nail polish!

    happy wednesday
    xx :: ashlyn

    let it be beautiful

  6. I love pinterest! Great pins:) Hope you are having a good week:)

  7. I love that dress! And that nail polish color is great for spring. Gotta go find that :)

  8. The sunflower Peeps cake is very clever.

  9. Can I just say that I feel like that all the time about hair ties!? Two times is too loose! SO TRUE! I love that neon pink nail polish too

  10. Sounds like Michigan the last couple weeks but opposite. Last week they got two feet of snow and today had record breaking 80 degree temps! Gotta love the midwest and east coast! I love that Essie, do you know what color it is? And I love the wine retail therapy! Can never have too much wine on hand at home :)

  11. Hahaha that hair tie thing cracked me up cuz that happens to me alllll the time! And I'm loving your assortment of wine :)

  12. Love that quote about deserving someone who makes you look forward to tomorrow, so beautiful and gives me hope that I will find him one day!!! Thanks for the awesome pinterest finds miss Shannon :)


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