A Great Change & Its OK Thursday!

Happy Thursday! 
WOW the sun is shining and its going to be in the mid 60's today in Boston. That's New England weather for ya! Last Thursday as I was typing my post it was snowing here and local schools were closed! Talk about a GREAT CHANGE! I am happily rocking short sleeves and a light weight jacket today....no more Uggs and wool coat for this girl....for now....

In other news I want to announce that I am out of my funk!! Thank you all for your kind words yesterday:) You really all made me feel so much better!

As Bob Marley would say...

Moving on....
last night M and I babysat for my favorite little man for about an hour. How cute is this little munchkin?? He's getting so big! It seems like it was a month ago we were at the hospital waiting for him to be born and now he's crawling all over the place!

Speaking of cuteness....take a look at my other favorite munchkin. My niece Madyson is already getting so big too...and she's ready for Spring like the rest of us! LOVING the giraffe print hat:)

Okay I'm getting side tracked here....
Time for Its OK Thursdays!

Its Ok Thursdays

So Its Ok...

That I am "embracing messy hair" a bit too much today. The rat's nest on my head is a sorry excuse for a hair do.

That I am addicted to the iPhone app "Draw Something"

That I snoozed twice this morning even though I went to bed at 10 last night

That the warmer weather makes me want to get an ice cream sundae 

That Bob Saget was in my dream last night

That I wish M liked sweets so I could bake all of the yummy things I'm seeing on Pinterest

That Pinterest was more fun when EVERYONE didn't know about it

That there is a giant video camera case on my desk at work and someone asked "is that your lunch?"

That I want to be friends with Monica from this season of the Bachelor

That I thought Jonah Hill was a better actor than Brad Pitt in Money Ball

What's OK with YOU today??


  1. I wish D liked more sweets too!!! He's not a fan so isn't nearly as excited as me when I find a fun recipe :( Too bad we didn't live closer and we could just bake for each other lol

  2. addicted to Draw Something also, i'll look you up!!

  3. I couldn't agree more about Pinterest. I hate that everyone is on it now. I mean, I get that I'm not the only person in the world, but now it freezes up all the time!

    My friend just recently told me about the app Draw Something, I think I'm going to check it out :)

  4. i embrace messy hair ALL the time!

    & i totally agree with you about Pinterest! I had it before all my friends and it was much more fun then! haha

  5. I totally agree with Pinterest being more fun when everyone didn't know about it! I'm happy for you that you have some warm weather today! I hope you get to enjoy it!

  6. Shannon!!! I have been super busy and just caught up on reading your blog today :) I am glad you are feeling better my dear, and I want to wish you all the happy thoughts in the world!!! PS, your little niece is TOO CUTE. Oh and you are def right about Jonah being a better actor, haha Brad has just lost it for me. :)

  7. pinterest was definitely more fun when everyone didn't know about it and i am definitely rocking the messy hair today. this sunshine in portland has me thrown for a loop too!
    xx jes


  8. bahahahaha about the camera bag/lunch! MG and I were at Bed Bath and Beyond this past weekend and right at the door were "lunch bags"....which literally looked like they could have held a massively large video camera (like back in the 90's video camera). Who brings that much for lunch???
    Glad yours was just the camera! lol

  9. The funny bob saget or the creepy bob saget!?!!?

    I heart you and hope you are feeling better! you are gorgeous and fun and just FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  10. I actually watched Money Ball last night...
    I think I said "I miss fat Jonah Hill."

    Pinterest was way more fun before everyone knew about it.

    AND Draw Something is soo much fun!!!

  11. I have the opposite problem! My husband would give his right arm for anything sweet! That does not help me in the trying to loose weight category.

  12. i agree with you about pinterest. i think sometimes it gets old that everything is out there. and i loved moneyball but i liked both actors equally. i'm partial to brad's looks. :)


  13. Ok we have to play each other on 'Draw Something' I only know 2 people on it and I love it! I literally laugh out loud when I play because 1. I stink and drawing and 2. it's fun watching other people do it!

  14. Aww those babies are so cute! Hahaha idk why but the fact that Bob Saget was in your dream cracked me up!

  15. I agree with the moneyball comment. I really like Jonah Hill! He has 2 movies coming out this month, and that's just awesome. Also I love how cute your niece is, she is pulling a face in her little hat. So cute! I wish my brother and sister in law's would have more kids so I could be an aunt more!

  16. i totally agree about pinterest... and i am officially downloading the draw something app... everyone is talking about how fun it is!

  17. i'm TOTALLY addicted to Draw Something.... look me up shay611

    and... i agree about pinterest, though i sort of feel like a snob for saying it, but yes, i liked it when it was a bit more exclusive... LOL

  18. Girl.....I am with you on the ice cream obsession. Expect its freaking already 80 + degrees in Houston so I want it all the time ;)

  19. I love Draw Something! I can't stop!!! And ice-cream mmmm. I cannot believe how nice your weather is. SLC Utah is only in the 50's. Better than a blizzard everyday ;)

    Great blog, great pics!

  20. I want to hear about this dream with Bob lol

  21. You just made me want to check out draw something!

    I'm loving the warm weather too! And I'm right there with you on the double snooze in the mornings - EVERY single morning lately. Maybe it will improve when spring officially sets in!

  22. Hi Shannon, just stopping by to say how delightful your blog is. Thanks so much for sharing. I have recently found your blog and am now following you, and will visit often. Please stop by my blog and perhaps you would like to follow me also. Have a wonderful day. Hugs, Chris


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