2 DAYS & Its OK Thursdays!

Happy Thursday, Friends!

I slept like a rock last night and now I feel completely refreshed! While laying in bed this morning (avoiding getting up) I was checking my e-mails and looking at my calendar on my iPhone. I can't BELIEVE my first wedding gown fitting is THIS Saturday!!! 

Remember THIS POST where I was freaking out because I was 73 days away from the dress fitting?? Well now I'm 2 days away so you can imagine the excitement!

Here's a little preview....

I can't wait to put these babies on and practice walking in them while wearing the dress!
Can you believe my wedding is 3 MONTHS FROM TODAY???

Now its time for Its OK Thursdays!

Its Ok Thursdays

So Its Ok...

That since I was home alone last night and wanted a good night's sleep....I got into bed at 8:45:)

That I have a pony tail bump in my hair and wore it down today anyway

That the 80+ degree temperatures today are making it very hard to do any work at work

That I can't stop having "wedding nightmares." The last one consisted of my sister showing up to the ceremony in ripped jeans and flip flops and refusing to change (this is SO unlike her too!)

That I turned on the air conditioning last night....in March

That I wish I was at the beach right now with a pina colada in my hand

That I can't decide which bikinis to order from Victoria's Secret this year so I keep just adding to my shopping cart.

What's OK with YOU today??


  1. I almost flipped the air conditioning on too, yesterday...no judgment here! =)

    Happy Thursday!

    Keep Shining,

  2. I love those shoes, especially the bow. I turned the air on too & rain the fan last night, I love this weather!! New follower!

  3. How exciting!!! That dream about your sister is funny. I'm going to check out Vicki Secrets bathing suits!

  4. Yay for the dress fitting and wedding being oh-so soon!! Just wanted to let you know, though, I haven't gotten my invite in the mail yet haha jk :)
    I do the SAME THING with online shopping carts, so don't feel bad :)

  5. i love those shoes. and i always have nightmares similar to that...like i'm ALWAYS late or i show up to the event i'm about to go to and i don't have the dress i'm supposed to wear or what not. luckily it's only a dream. :)

  6. WOW! The wedding is sooooooooooooo soon!!!! that's crazy! So excited for you SHANSHAN!!!

    I want a pina colada too!!!!


  7. What fun shoes!! I did colored shoes too! They are nice because I can actually still wear them!! :)

    Excited for you for your first dress fitting!! It DEF makes it feel more real!! :)

  8. those shoes are a-okay!

    it's also okay that I opted for 30 more minutes of sleep instead of a shower, and thus fixed my hair in the least obvious "my hair is a greasy rats nest" manner possible.


  9. So exciting that your wedding is getting close! :) I can't wait for that excitement! PS - love the shoes!

    We turned on our AC on Tuesday because it was 77 degrees in the house. Insane for mid-March!

  10. ahh your wedding is so soon girlie!! the weather has been so great over by me too, I love it but that means allergies = yuck! so funny you are having wedding nightmares, my best friend is getting married in 2 months and I am having nightmares about it - so funny! I had a dream I left my bridesmaids dress at home and that i was the only one that couldnt get my hair and makeup done - what a fright! LOL. Hope you are having a good week hun!

  11. When are you getting married? My wedding is June 30th, but I wasn't planning on getting my first fitting until April. Is that too late? PLEASE say it isn't so! I love your shoes! Where did you get them?

    Can we share wedding nightmares? lol

  12. congratulations on your wedding so soon!
    and i get you about the victoria secret thing. to hold myself over, i just go to target and buy the cute/cheap ones.
    it's working out so far while i decide which one i want from VS.
    xx jes


  13. Those shoes are TO DIE!!! I went to bed at 8:45 last night too :-D

  14. AHH I love those shoes! You're going to be one hot bride!

  15. Your shoes are gorgeous! Love that color. I would love to be at the beach with a pina colada as well. :)

    xx Jessica

  16. Those shoes are AWESOME! & I totally add to my cart over and over anytime I shop online.
    Love your blog so far, found it from Pink Lou Lou.

    Check mine out if you get a free minute :)


  17. Aww you look so pretty and I love the shoes! When is the big day?! LOL I was tempted to turn on the air conditioner earlier this week too, that never happens here! I had a few nightmares before my wedding too...one being that my flower girl turned into a giant?! Random and weird I know haha

  18. I am going to miss the heat! You are going to make a gorgeous bride!


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