A Wacky Dream and Honeymoon Plans!

Monday is behind us, ladies! It's Tuesday and the sun is shining! 

I'm still battling this terrible cold and had a rough night's sleep last night:( I've been having the most bizarre dreams lately too. I had one the other night that involved a nude beach and Joe Pesci....bizarre right? I told M about it when I woke up and he just shook his head at me like I was whacked. 

This nude beach dream got me thinking about my honeymoon (not because I'm going to any nude beaches, ladies....get your minds out of the gutter) but because I can't wait to frolick ON THE BEACH and I'm excited to share my plans with you guys! Maybe some of you have traveled to these places before and can offer M and I some advice? Maybe not? Let's see....

First things first - it's official....M got a HUGE promotion at work....HUGE! He is now the GM at his company and I am SOOO proud of him:) He's just too smart for his own good:)

Anyway, back to the honeymoon! M and I will be flying to San Francisco the week after our wedding and seeing the sights! He's been to San Fran before but I never have....have at it ladies...tell me...what do I HAVE to do while I'm there and what do I HAVE to see? We only have 1 full day there but I want to pack in all the excitement that we can!

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Following our stay in San Fran...we are renting a car and driving up to Napa to visit some wineries. I love me some wine but I don't know much about it. M is way more educated in the wine department than I am and I love it. There's something unique and sexy about a guy who can drink a beer on Friday night and can sip on a glass of red Saturday night all while teaching me about the different flavors....its awesome!
My question for you ladies....what wineries do we HAVE to visit?

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From Napa we are hopping on a plane and heading to HAWAII! We are doing a 7 day cruise throughout the Hawaiian islands. I CANNOT WAIT! Besides hitting the buffet and getting my tan on, I ask you....What should I do in Hawaii? Are there some sites WE HAVE to see? 

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Following our Hawaiian getaway we will be stopping in San Diego for a night (or 2!) before we head back to good ole Boston. Assuming we are not completely exhausted at this point....While in San Diego - what should we see and what should we do??

Okay ladies... I need your help! I'd love to hear some advice for those of you who have been to these places! Have at it:)


  1. Okay I have zero advice but Hawaii!?!? That's so exciting!! It's been on the top of my must-see list for a long time!! You best come home and post pictures so I can creep them!! ;)
    So exciting :)

  2. I've been to San Fran and I only had 1 day there. I felt like I tried to do everything! I went to Fisherman's Warf and ate at Boudin because I am obsessed with sourdough bread and I love that place. They have it in San Diego but the original place is in San Fran. We also rode the cable cars and went to the Golden Gate. Just the basic tourist stuff.

    As far as Napa, I haven't been there yet but am dying to go so I don't have much advice there.

    I haven't been to Hawaii but my mom and I were suppose to go this spring (but aren't now - sad face) so I did a ton of research on the things I wanted to do. If you are in Maui, I would suggest the Road to Hana (google it) or Haleakala (google). If you are on the big Island, one thing I really want to do is a tour of Volcano National Park. I am not sure how much time you have with your cruise at each island but a suggestion would be go through the excursions of your cruise before you leave and book the excursions before you leave. If you have more questions about this e-mail me. I am SUCH a travel agent for friends and family :)

    San Diego - Meet up with me!! Of course I totally understand if you are exhausted and its your honeymoon after all. I would suggest going to Old Town for dinner one night if you love Mexican and I know you do. My favorite place there is Cafe Coyote. The little area is just so fun to be in too and super cute. With short time here a must see is La Jolla shores, I'd say its the most beautiful place in San Diego. Check out the cove and the children's pool. If you want to go kayaking on La Jolla shores come see me at work. Haha - kidding. If you want me to be your personal tour guide of San Diego or have any other questions, I'm a pro with San Diego!

  3. Hi, I'm a new follower - found you thru The Vintage Apple & Front Porch Looking in! :)

    My dream is to get married or honeymoon in Hawaii - I've never been. Nobody ever comes back from there disappointed though. It looks fabulous!

  4. Where to begin! In San Francisco seriously buy one of the passes for the hop on and hop off bus tours. It's an easy, fast and semi-cheap way to jet around the city and see EVERYTHING! Also, Alcatraz was my favorite thing when I was in San Francisco! Also, in San Francisco their is a great bar called Rickhouse! I would definietly try it out! IT's voted the second best bar in the world!

    In Napa Valley def. do a hot air balloon tour. The wineries I would suggest would be Plump Jack and Opus!

  5. Your honeymoon looks like so much fun! In San Diego, definitely hit up the pier, and the Gas Lamp district for food/drinks. It's such a fun atmosphere!

  6. In San Diego, try and hit up the Gas Lamp district....there is a place right at the entrance (near the Convention center) called the Tin Fish and they have AMAZEBALLS fish tacos. When I was there for a convention I went there for lunch two days in a row and sat outside to eat. DEEEELISH!

  7. Seriously?? Best honeymoon EVER! It's going to be amazzzing! San Fran is definitely on my list of vacation destinations!
    We're going to Maui in May and I can't WAIT!
    We're planning a Boston trip in 2 years and we're both way excited about that! You'll have to tell me the must see's there :)
    Sorry I was no help to you... but you're going to have the best time!

    Congrats to your man on his promotion!

  8. oh god look at you! LUCKYYYYYYYYYY
    i wish you were coming to Los Angeles!
    San Francisco is 6 hours away from here ♥

    i really hope you have a wonderful time
    and don't forget to do a lot of reasearch
    now a days you can find a whole list of to dos
    online ;) and also read reviews on yelp.. it will definitely help!

    MELINA ♥

  9. You have to have to have to (seriously, HAVE TO) go to Searsucker in San Diego. Brian Malarkey - who was a Top Chef finalist - is the head chef and the food is TO DIE FOR. I went with my boyfriend last spring and we're constantly telling each other we should go back just for this restaurant! They have a "Bites" menu with items to share for just a few dollars each and the pretzels with ham and honey mustard was our favorite! I promise it will not be disappointing!

    Also, in SF, check out Sears Fine Food for their world-famous silver dollar pancakes - delicious! - and in Napa, I love the Coppola winery but was sort of disappointed by the Mondavi winery. It has been a few years though, so maybe it's gotten better!

    And Hawaii is gorgeous! If you can, check out a Maui ATV tour - they're a blast and you get to see some amazing parts of scenic Hawaii. Also, the Road to Hana is a must do!

    Your honeymoon sounds incredible!!! I'm jealous!

  10. I there, I found your blog through Stilleto's & a Fishing Pole. Looking forward to reading more. We're looking to go to Hawaii for our honeymoon too!!

  11. congrats on M's promotion!! You must be so excited! I am going to email you my recs :) xoxo

  12. If you get the chance while in Napa valley visit Robert Mondovi's winery. You get free samples too, at the the end of the tour I bought a bottle of Chardonnay. It's the best I've EVER had. Also, while in San Fran I LOVED china town...it was so fun! The food was authentic and oh so good! Your honeymoon sounds SO amazing!!

  13. At work I read about this train in Napa Valley that you can have dinner on and it takes you to a few different winerys! When I go in on Thursday I'll look for it and I'll send it to you!

  14. Sounds like an awesome honeymoon!

  15. ahhhh you're stopping in SD!!!! i would love to meet up with you guys if you're up for it :) first things first, your honeymoon plans sound amazing, you're going to have a great time!! I've always wanted to do a Hawaiian cruise, seems like the best way to see all the islands.
    I have a lot of San Diego ideas... will you have a car? A lot of the attractions are spread out so you may want to have one (or I can help play tour guide haha!)
    Definitely stroll the gaslamp quarter (5th avenue) - all of the city's nightlife is clustered into this area and there are a lot of cute places to dine, drink, and shop. Urban Solace is my absolute favorite brunch spot in San Diego. it's located in a neighborhood called North Park about 2 miles from downtown. if you're there on a Sunday, I think that's the only day they do brunch. Searsucker is a good 5th ave spot if you want a trendy, upscale atmosphere with great food and cocktails! i also really like Bub's at the Ballpark - it's a nice sports bar with to-die-for tater tots and this chicken sandwich that's made with a swiss cheese, and a combo of buffalo/honey mustard as the sauce. I could go on forever with ideas! what time of year is your honeymoon happening?

  16. oh, and congrats to Mike on his promotion, that's so awesome!!!

  17. Oh my gosh. You are probably the luckiest person ever! This sounds like an amazing Honeymoon!

    Also. You have the prettiest hair! I bet you and your almost husband are the cutest couple ever.

  18. those are FANTASTIC travel plans! Hubs and I are actually going on a cruise this sat and then we will be in Hawaii in three weeks! Hawaii is my most favorite place EVER. Are you going to all the islands then? Kauai is by far my fave. The most calm and lush and untouched. You will have a blast!

  19. Now THAT is a honeymoon!! how great to look forward too!! we are off to Maui for ours :)

  20. What a fabulous honeymoon! My fiance and I are also going to Hawaii. I've never been to Napa but would love to go! I can't wait to read about your trip. San Francisco is amazing - you will love it as well! How exciting you'll get to see so many places on your honeymoon!

  21. Wow I don't have any advice b/c I haven't been to any of those places but I have to so that all sounds awesome and I'm soo jealous!!

  22. wow wow wow wowwwwww this sounds like an absolute perfect honeymoon!!! congrats to your fiance on an amazing promotion :) :) xo

  23. I haven't been to any of those places, but WOW what a honeymoon! Lucky girl!

  24. Holy cow! This trip sounds like a dream honeymoon!

    You should most definitely go to Alcatraz when you are in San Francisco. It is an amazing experience, I went when I was younger and I can remember almost every detail from it.


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