Rotten Cats & Its Ok Thursdays!

Good morning, friends! We are one "wake up" away from the weekend! Isn't that exciting? Saturday is so close I can smell it! 

So I don't know if I've mentioned it before but M and I adopted 2 shelter cats a couple years back. One is the sweetest cat you will ever meet and the other one is completely rotten

Garfield pretty much terrorizes us and destroys our house every single day. When he was a kitten I was actually terrified of him. He would take these running leaps at my head and if I made eye contact with him at the wrong time in the morning he'd charge at me and send my cereal bowl flying in the air (picture this happening because this is a true story). 

Where am I going with this you ask?? Well yesterday something really exciting happened for M! He won't let me announce it to the world yet, but I decided to get him something nice as a "congrats" gift! 
So at lunch I drove to the packie, got him a nice bottle of gin, then went to the party store and got some sweet balloons and a card. I tied everything up and left it on the counter so he'd see it when he got home last night...

Well I was all excited to go home and surprise him when 5:00 rolled around. I unlocked my front door, stepped inside and wanted to cry:( Rotten Garfield chewed through each ribbon, separated each balloon from the bunch AND he put a hole in the blue balloon somehow. 
I walked in to find the bottle of gin on its side and the balloons scattered around the ceiling with short, chewed ribbons! I wanted to start sobbing right then and there:( Garfield ruined my beautiful presentation!

How do I know it was him, you ask?? There was orange fur on the counter as evidence!!!

My question for you ladies is this....
What can I do to keep this rugrat off of my counters??
ANY advice you can offer me would be appreciated. Please keep in mind he ENJOYS being sprayed in the face with a water bottle!

Moving right along....

Its Ok Thursdays

So Its Ok...

That I am the adopted mother to what could be the world's worst-behaved cat.

That sometimes when I'm running late (like today) I use my flat iron to iron my clothes instead of a real iron.

That I've been out to eat the last THREE nights in a row (don't worry I skipped dessert every time!)

That M and I were in bed at 8:17 last night after having a couple Italian margaritas to celebrate his exciting news!

That I'm wearing a watch that has a dead battery in it today just because I think it looks pretty

That I am nervous for my makeup wedding trial this weekend! 

That I had a dream last night I was on my honeymoon in Napa and was actually angry when I woke up and realized where I really was.

That my federal and state tax returns have both already come and gone out of my bank account!

What's OK with you today??


  1. Darn! So sorry :( But I can't wait to see/read the reveal :)
    Cats definitely have a mind of their own.... good luck figuring out how to keep them off the counter!

  2. Oh no that cat does seem like a handful. It may be orange cat syndrome because our guy is an orange tabby and definitely has his bouts of rottenness. I don't have any suggestions for keeping him off the counter (if you find any let me know!) but just remember that when he's being bad, you rescued him and have given him a great home. Other people may have sent him back already. :)

  3. Love, love these- especially the one about your watch! I have a bad cat that gets on the counter too (i'll be coming back to look at others advice on this matter). Is he fixed?

    Bennett Love

  4. omg -- that sucks about your demon cat! hopefully you can figure out a solution to his mischief!

    and your It's ok's had me cracking up! esp about using your flat iron to iron your clothes!

  5. Your rotten cat story is the reason Im not a cat person. I have a fear of those sneaky, quiet little things clawing my face apart if I look at them wrong. I was always told not to look a dog in the face. Im pretty sure they can add cats to that saying also!!
    Have you ever seen that show with the rocker looking guy that is like a cat whisper or something? He carries his guitar case with him that has all of his cat supplies in it. Maybe you should give him a call!
    Just found this http://animal.discovery.com/tv/my-cat-from-hell/

    I love that you have a nonworking watch on! hahah I have done that :)

  6. Just found your blog through the linkup!

    Your watch story cracks me up. What's worse is that I wore one that had water damage for a whole month haha.. I mean I hardly ever use it to look at the time anyway!

    & I always iron my clothes with my straightener. I mean I can't do an entire outfit but it sure does help on the bottom of my jeans or sleeves!

  7. That is funny but really sad about your cat! He does sound like the world's worst behaved cat! I was laughing because I've totally flat ironed my clothes before too. Good luck with your makeup trial!

  8. Dinner out 3 nights in a row?! Sounds super fun! :)

  9. i linked up too :)
    i love its ok thursdays!

    omg ... i am not a cat fan and Garfield
    doing this .. NO NO NO !!! I really hope you
    are able to find something for him to stop! :(

    and omg you cracked me up
    iron your clothes with the straightener .. I LOVE YOU!
    haha you just became my favorite!!

    :) soooooo good news
    i gave ya an award today ♥
    check out my post

    MELINA ♥

  10. I think I might have the worst behaved cat. I have so many scratches on my legs. Ever since she was a baby she's liked to attack anything that moves. But then at the same time she'll have random cuddly moments throughout the day where I think she is the most behaved cat. Lol

  11. Omg what a sassy cat!! If it makes you feel any better, I have a puppy who is pretty naughty too. We left him in our room once, trying to be nice and give him more room, and he chewed a hole in our mattress!! If I come up with anything for your cat, I'll let you know. I was gonna say the spray bottle but obviously that doesn't work for your cat! Flat iron for clothes eh? You just gave me a new idea ;)I'm sure your make up trial will be beautiful!! Don't worry, just have fun!

  12. I iron my clothes with the straightener somtimes too!!! haha! Too funny! And... I also wear watches with dead batteries! I don't look at it anyway when I have a computer in my face!! Don't be ashamed! You're not the only one!

  13. You can iron your clothes with a straightener!?!?!?! I am so trying this!!!!

  14. love your blog. Definitely going to follw you :)I think the iron idea is a great one! Does it work? At least on small things?! Always trying to figure out a way to de-wrinkle things without full on ironing them...I hate ironing! lol.

  15. I totally wear my watch that doesn't work anymore either, it's too pretty to not wear! lol And don't be scared about your wedding make up trial, I was SO glad that I did it and was more than pleased with the results! I wrote down minor things I wanted to change for the day of, which I'm so glad I did! Good luck and have fun! :)


  16. I am guilty of the watch thing too!

  17. I had no idea you could use a flat iron on clothes lol. You will do just fine at your makeup trial, if you don't like what they did you can always have them change it!! ;)

  18. I love that you use your flat iron on your clothes! If you dont like the way your makeup comes out let me know. i have someone who is an awesome makeup artist! Have a great weekend!


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